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How to Get an Air Bubble Out of a Disposable Vape

November 22, 2023

A common issue that vape users may encounter is the presence of air bubbles in their disposable vape. While it might seem inconsequential, an air bubble can impact the performance of your vape, interrupting a smooth vaping experience.

Whether you're a seasoned vaper or just starting, understanding how to avoid air bubbles and maintain your device can help ensure a satisfying vaping experience.

What Are the Common Causes of Air Bubbles in Disposable Vapes?

Disposable vapes have become increasingly popular due to their convenience and ease of use. However, like any electronic device, they can encounter some issues from time to time. One common issue that many users face is the presence of air bubbles within their disposable vape.

There are several potential causes for air bubbles in disposable vapes:

Increased Airflow

A higher airflow setting can cause airlocks to form within the device. Increased airflow can create turbulence and disturb the e-liquid, causing it to bubble up. Most disposable vapes have a fixed airflow designed to meet the preset puff count, but if you start attempting DIY methods to adjust the airflow, it may create bubbles that disrupt airflow.


Using a disposable vape too frequently or taking longer puffs can also lead to air bubbles forming. When the device is constantly in use, the vape juice may not have enough time to settle, resulting in air pockets.

Harsh Inhalation

Taking harsh or prolonged inhalations can also lead to air pockets forming in disposable vapes. This is because the force of inhaling disturbs the e-liquid and creates pockets of air. On the other hand, inhaling too gently can also create bubbles. Finding a moderate inhalation is critical to getting the best results from your vape device.

Temperature Changes

Disposable vapes are sensitive to temperature changes, particularly extreme heat or cold. Leaving your vape in a hot car or exposing it to freezing temperatures may cause the e-liquid to expand or contract, resulting in gas pockets. Bubbles expand when heated, so if you have an issue with tiny air pockets at an average temperature, you may notice they grow even larger at higher temperatures.

Altitude Changes

Like drastic temperature changes, altitude changes can also affect the e-liquid in disposable vapes. For example, in the great skies, the difference in altitude can lead to air pockets forming within the device because of how quickly the pressure changes.

Movement and Handling

Disposable vapes are meant to be portable, but this also means they can be subject to movement and handling that may cause air bubbles. Rough handling or constant shaking of the device can disturb the e-liquid and bring air or gas into the reservoir where the e-liquid is. By handling the vape device gently, you can avoid the development of bubbles.


The viscosity, or thickness, of the e-liquid can also contribute to the formation. Certain e-liquids that are thicker are more prone to getting small bubbles, and they can be harder to get out because of their thickness. Finding a vape with the proper e-liquid ratio and composition can keep air pockets at bay.

How Do You Fix a Bubbling Disposable Vape?

Fortunately, getting rid of bubbles in a disposable vape is relatively simple. Here are a few steps you can take to fix your bubbling device:

Remove the Rubber Stopper

The first step is to remove the rubber stopper on the device. It's there to prevent leaks, but in this case, removing it and laying the vape device on its side will allow any air bubbles or air pressure to be released. Once the bubble is gone, you can clean the vape, then return it to a normal position and put the stopper back on.

Replace Low E-Liquid

If the air bubble is due to low e-liquid levels, refilling your disposable vape enough to saturate the coil thoroughly can fix the issue. Make sure not to overfill, as this may cause additional problems.

Note that with disposable vapes, you can't refill the tanks. So, if this happens, you may want to consider getting a replacement.

Warm the Device

When the bubbles form from a cold environment, it can thicken the liquid, restrict airflow, and trap bubbles. Another method is gently warming the device by holding it in your hands or placing it under a light source for a few minutes. This helps thin out any thick e-liquid and makes the bubbles' escape easier.

Tap the Area That's Bubbling or Shake the Device

Tapping the area where you see an air bubble can help dislodge it. This is because the force of your tap may be enough to disturb the e-liquid and allow trapped air to escape. Only tap lightly where the bubbles are; you can also shake the device gently to facilitate the migration of bubbles or completely dislodge them. 

How To Prevent Air Bubbles When Vaping

The best way to avoid dealing with air pockets in disposable vapes is by taking preventative measures. Here are a few tips to prevent air bubbles from forming and help your disposable vape last longer:

Saturate Coil Before Use

Before using a disposable vape, saturate the coil with e-liquid. This helps prevent dry hits and ensures enough liquid for optimal airflow without creating unwanted bubbles.

Don't Overuse

Taking breaks between puffs and not vaping too much in one sitting can allow the e-liquid to settle and reduce the likelihood of bubbles forming. Also, avoid taking long or harsh inhalations as they may create air pockets within the device.

Store Vape Properly Upright

To prevent any changes in temperature or excessive movement, store your disposable vape upright when not in use. This will help keep the e-liquid settled and reduce the chances of air bubbles forming. When a vape is stored on its side or even upside down, it can create bubbles that may be difficult to remove.

Take Gentle Puffs

As mentioned earlier, taking gentle puffs can also help avoid air bubbles. This allows for a steady flow of e-liquid without disrupting the liquid's composition, which can lead to trapped air.

Maintain E-Liquid Levels

Always monitor your e-liquid levels and refill when necessary to prevent low levels from causing air bubbles if you have a refillable vape device. If you notice that your disposable vape consistently produces air pockets even with proper usage, it may be time to choose a different device or e-liquid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Air Bubbles Affect Vapes?

Air bubbles in disposable vapes can affect performance and result in a less satisfactory experience. They can be caused by overuse, harsh inhalations, temperature or altitude changes, harsh handling, or e-liquid viscosity. 

Final Thoughts

Air bubbles in disposable vapes can be a nuisance but can easily be fixed and prevented with proper care. By being aware of the common causes and taking preventative measures, you can enjoy a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience without unwanted air bubbles. Remember to take gentle puffs, store your device correctly, and don't overuse the device to avoid creating stubborn air bubbles.

Disposable vapes have a closed system and fixed airflow design, minimizing the potential for air bubbles. Shop RELX's disposable vapes if you're struggling with air bubbles in your vape device.

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