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Does Vaping Break a Fast?

October 17, 2023

You might have heard that vaping e-liquid contains calories you inhale and subsequently ingest. If that's the case, does vaping count as breaking a fast? If you plan on participating in Ramadan this year or practice intermittent fasting, it's an important question to answer. For example, how many calories are in vape e-liquid? What are the benefits or disadvantages of vaping on an empty stomach? What is autophagy?

We answer all these questions and more as we delve into vaping, calories, and fasting. 

Vaping, Calories, And Appetite: What's the Connection?

If you've found that you have less of an appetite after vaping, you're not the only one. Loss of appetite is a well-known side effect of nicotine consumption, and therefore, if you vape nicotine e-liquids, you will find your appetite reducing.

While that is the reason for your reduced appetite, it's understandable that you might think it could be the e-liquid and its calories curbing your appetite. After all, when you eat calorific foods, your appetite is sated; is it not the same thing?

So, what's the deal with e-liquids and their calories when fasting? Just how many calories are in vape juices? It turns out that the calories in vape juices are mainly from the ingredients propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerine. However, the calories in these ingredients are so minimal they're barely acknowledged. The average number of calories in a five-millilitre e-liquid cartridge is 20.

Taking that into account, if you're asking if vaping will make you lose weight, the answer has less to do with vaping specifically and more to do with how much nicotine you're consuming. If you vape nicotine e-liquid, then it's likely your appetite will be suppressed, and therefore, you may lose weight.

What Is Autophagy and Why Is It Important?

Autophagy is an essential process that our bodies go through where our cells are broken down and recycled. It's a process of equilibrium and works to balance our energy levels. The significance of autophagy in the discussion surrounding fasting and weight loss is that several studies have found fasting to promote autophagy. Spiritual fasting, such as during Ramadan, is an excellent example of this working well.

Concerning vaping and autophagy, the research concentrates mainly on the effects of nicotine, suggesting that a low level of nicotine can promote autophagy.

What Are The Risks and Benefits of Vaping and Intermittent Fasting?

The relationship between fasting and vaping is a complicated one, especially when considering the religious and spiritual rules on a fasting period such as Ramadan. The research seems to show that while withholding from vaping during fasting had mainly mild withdrawal symptoms, some people experienced more severe symptoms, such as dizziness and nausea.

Alternatively, the potential benefits of vaping during fasting can promote the process of autophagy, which can be very good for a person's well-being.

Does Vaping During Ramadan Break the Fast?

Unlike other forms of fasting, Ramadan is a religious event, and therefore, the rules regarding what is and isn't acceptable are dictated by the religion. While it's possible that vaping during fasting can help to promote healthy bodily processes such as autophagy, it’s also the case that in doing so, you are still ingesting substances like nicotine.

With this being the case, Islamic rules state that vaping is strictly prohibited during the fasting of Ramadan, just like cigarette use. That means if you choose to vape during the fasting of Ramadan, the fast will be broken.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vaping Break an Intermittent Fast?

Whether vaping breaks your fasting depends on the parameters of the fast. For example, if the fast is purely for health reasons, it can be argued that vaping does not break the fast because it can promote autophagy - a vital health process. However, if your fast is due to a religious event, the rules may differ.

Is Vaping Allowed While Fasting?

For religious fasting events such as Ramadan, vaping is strictly prohibited due to the ingestion of unhealthy substances. However, if your fast is for health or weight-loss reasons, it is possible to vape during your fast with little adverse side effects.

Final Thoughts

The relationship between vaping and fasting has many variables. For example, what are the parameters of the fast? What are the reasons for the fast? And does the e-liquid you use include nicotine?

If you are fasting for health reasons or to lose weight, it's possible to continue vaping and potentially experience benefits due to suppressed appetite and increased autophagy. If you are fasting due to a religious event, the chances are that vaping will be prohibited. Always check with religious authorities to confirm this.

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