Essential Starter Kit

The Best Vape Starter Kit For New Vape Users

Find the right vape device and your favorite flavor at one time!  All the essentials, at an amazing price, only £8.99! 

Compatible Pod

RELX Pod and RELX Pod Pro


RELX Super Smooth Technology

Leak Resistant

Leak-resistant maze

Battery Capacity


Infinity Device

Why RELX Infinity?

Super smooth, engineered with precision. Over 100 R&D scientists from RELX lab, through 76 sensory tests and adjustments, quantified smoothness through 5 performance indicators.

Tired of vape leakage in your mouth or pocket? Try RELX Infinity

RELX Infinity hears you. RELX infinity has leak-resistant maze and 11 structural layers to help prevent internal leaks and condensation. RELX Infinity provides a more secure vaping experience, even in flight.

Mouthpiece Design

Shaped to fit your mouth. We undertook rigorous consumer testing to eliminate air leakage and ensure a comfortable feeling when inhaling.

Better Vape Experience

Dual charging system. Simply click your RELX Infinity into place without the hassle of charging cables. Plus, our dual charging system comes with a symmetric USB-C port.

Know More About Your Vape Device

Infinity enables smart pace vibration alert. It also has a LED light to indicate different conditions of your vape device. 

Essential Device

Find the Right Vape Device for You

Compatible Pod: RELX Pod and RELX Pod Pro

Performance: RELX Super Smooth Technology

Charging: USB-C Charging

Pod Design: Symmetrical pods

Battery Capacity: 350mAh

What is Super Smooth Performance

Vape Temperature

We offer a comfortable vape temperature under 55°C to make sure that our users could get rid of burnt vape taste.

Rich Vapor

6-7.5 mg total weight of each puff.

Fast and Sensitive Activation

Essential takes less than 0.2s to activate the atomizer.

Secure, Even in Flight

11 structural layers help prevent internal leaks and condensation, for a more secure vaping experience.

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