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How Long Until I Can Vape After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

October 09, 2023

Undergoing a wisdom tooth extraction can lead to many questions, including when it's safe to resume your usual activities, like vaping. Since vaping can impact the healing process after dental surgery, it's crucial to know the recommended waiting period before you can safely vape again.

Explore the healing process after wisdom teeth removal and find guidance on when you're in the clear to return to vaping.

Why Vaping After Tooth Extraction Isn't Recommended

Vaping soon after removing your wisdom teeth isn't recommended because it increases the risk of complications. Surface application of heat (in this case, in the form of hot vapour from your vape device) causes your blood vessels to expand, bringing more blood and oxygen to the extraction site. This heat application can prevent the body from achieving homeostasis and clotting appropriately, causing increased bleeding, swelling, and irritation, which can delay proper recovery.

In addition, the sucking sensation required to use an e-cigarette or vape device soon after wisdom tooth extraction can cause dry sockets, which can be very painful and prolonged and may require further medical attention, including additional anesthetisation or regular dressing changes until the socket heals and pain decreases.

What Is a Dry Socket?

A dry socket is a painful oral condition when a blood clot fails to form in the empty socket where your tooth used to be. It may fail to develop in the first place, be knocked out of place due to behaviour, or dissolve before the wound has completed healing. If a dry socket occurs, it usually begins to form 1-3 days after the extraction procedure.

Blood clot formation is pivotal to properly heal a wisdom tooth extraction wound, as it protects the underlying nerves and bone in the empty socket and provides cells needed to heal the area fully.

This can cause intense pain, bad breath, bad taste in the mouth, and even infection. It can also begin to fill with bits of food, intensifying pain. For this reason, it's essential to wait until you are fully healed before resuming your vaping habits.

How Can Vaping Cause a Dry Socket?

We know that smoking directly after wisdom tooth extraction can cause a dry socket, so it's recommended to wait until your mouth has healed before resuming. While there haven't been any studies explicitly studying the impact of vaping after wisdom tooth removal, it's understood that any kind of smoke can cause oral health effects that likely resemble cigarettes. Thus, avoiding vapes before your oral surgeon gives you the go-ahead following your wisdom tooth removal would be best.

Vaping may cause dry sockets due to the inhalation or sucking behaviour required to take a draw from the vape. This sensation can also create suction in the mouth, potentially pulling out the blood clot from the open tooth socket following removal. Without the clot in place, the nerves and bone beneath the socket are vulnerable to a dry socket and infection, becoming extremely painful.

When Is Dry Socket No Longer a Risk?

Generally, dry sockets are no longer a risk after one week following extraction as they tend to form and begin causing severe pain within 1-3 days after surgery. If you don't experience significant pain or swelling in your mouth, you're likely free to resume vaping without fear of exacerbating the wound or delaying healing after at least a week.

However, this timeline may vary depending on the person and their particular case of wisdom teeth extraction. If you experience severe pain or swelling during your recovery, waiting until your oral surgeon has given you the all-clear before resuming vaping is best practice.

If you did develop a dry socket, the pain can last 7-14 days. If this is the case with you, always talk to your oral surgeon about when it has fully healed and when a dry socket is no longer a risk so you can begin vaping again.

So, How Long Should I Wait to Vape After Tooth Extraction?

Most dentists and oral surgeons will recommend waiting at least 72 hours after tooth extraction before you begin vaping again. This time gives the open wound time to develop a blood clot without becoming dislodged prematurely, which can lead to dry sockets, severe pain, and infection. However, the longer you can wait, the more time you will give your wound to heal, giving you the best chance at full recovery with no issues.

You can always ask your dentist or oral surgeon how long you should wait after surgery before vaping again. Don't worry about your dentist knowing that you vape – they'll give you the proper recommendations to stay safe and look out for your oral health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Vaping Mess Up Wisdom Teeth Surgery?

Vaping shortly after wisdom teeth removal can increase the risk of complications, such as dry sockets and infection. Because of these risks, it's best to avoid vaping until your mouth has fully healed and your oral surgeon gives you the all-clear.

Final Thoughts

With the proper care and caution, you can enjoy vaping without worrying about experiencing any complications after wisdom teeth extraction. The key is waiting at least 72 hours before returning to your usual vaping habits (or as long as your oral surgeon recommends). If you suspect that you might have a dry socket, contact your dentist or oral surgeon immediately to get the care you need. And, once you're in the clear to resume your usual vaping, look nowhere but RELX for the best vape devices out there.

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