Can disposable vapes be refilled or recycled?

November 25, 2022

Disposable vapes are for single-use

You can’t refill disposable vapes because of how they’re designed. The devices are different from pre-filled vape pods or pens because you can’t recharge them. Instead, disposable vapes include a pre-filled e-juice and a lithium-ion battery. Once you’ve depleted the vape juice or battery, the disposable vape no longer works and should be safely discarded by dumping them in a recycling or hazardous material bin. 

How can I recycle my disposable vape bar?

A disposable vape bar can pose a threat to the environment if you don’t handle and dispose of it properly. That’s because they contain a lithium-ion battery and plastic. The good news is these are all parts that you can recycle.

If you want to recycle the vape bar, you shouldn’t attempt to do it yourself. Instead, look for a local kerbside collection centre or Waste Recycling Centre using this recycling locator.

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