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What Is Better Value for Money—Disposable or Pod Vapes?

December 23, 2022

Beginner vapers and those looking to quit or who have quit smoking and switched to vaping eventually come to the same question: Which is better, a disposable vape or a pod kit?

These two vapes have their strengths regarding nicotine levels, advanced features, and other factors. But what about the cost?

While disposable vapes are cheaper upfront, pod vape kits may be more cost-effective in the long run, despite the higher initial cost. Ultimately, a lot comes down to what kind of vaping experience you seek. We'll discuss the pros and cons below.

Disposable Vapes

Disposable kits are limited-use, disposable devices. The vaping experience can mimic smoking, but you can also find options with zero nicotine.

Low Startup Costs

They are a great value because they have less advanced features, which makes them cheaper and ideal for those new to vaping.

No Maintenance Costs

Often, former cigarette smokers are used to the rhythm of lighting up and tossing away the used cigarette. They don't want to deal with all the other small costs of using vape pod kits.

More Choice

A disposable device also allows you to try different styles of disposable devices. For new vapers, part of the appeal of disposable vape kits is they want to experiment with different e-liquid flavours.

Basic Design

You may not get the same smooth vape throat hit or mouthfeel with a disposable vape pen because pod systems are much more sophisticated. The design of these is very basic.

Here are some disposable kit pros to consider:


  • Disposable vape kits are simple and easy to use for those new to vaping.
  • Disposable devices appeal to new vapers and heavy smokers looking to quit smoking traditional cigarettes, as they mimic but improve on them.
  • With disposables, you get a cheaper initial buy, with the pre-filled vape juice already loaded into the vape.
  • A disposable device doesn't require maintenance, including re-filling or charging. Disposables come with non-rechargeable batteries and a pre-filled device with e-liquid.

Of course, there are also serious downsides to disposable vape kits:


  • With disposables, you have less control over the liquid, flavour, and nicotine levels.
  • You also have less control over disposable brands' internal construction. Pod kits have open pods systems where you can tinker with the adjustable airflow, rechargeable battery, and more.
  • Disposables may not be as cost-effective in the long run, as you'll need to keep buying more disposables, rather than simply switching out the pods with new e-liquids and charging the battery.
  • Because disposables are less sophisticated devices, you're more prone to accidental coil burns while intaking vapour.


Disposable kits usually appeal to those new to vaping because of their low price point and greater variety. However, deciding on the right vape requires considering many other factors.

How long have you been vaping? Do you crave control and customisation, or do you want to use a disposable vape that doesn't require maintenance?

While there is a strong argument against disposables because they contribute to needless environmental waste, they also make a lot of sense for some people at critical stages in their vaping journey.

Pod Vapes

Pod kits let you customise everything from the nicotine content to the e-liquid and how the pod fits into the device. Simply pop the pod you want to try in, and if you don't like it, pop it right out of the device.


It used to be that the difference between disposable devices and pod kits was that pod kits were big, bulky, and laborious to use. Sure, you could get more use out of it, and it packed more wallop in terms of the e-liquid flavours.

But what you got in power and reusability, you gave up in sleekness and portability.

Those days are long gone. Your average pod kit now is no bigger than a USB drive. They also don't necessarily cost that much more than disposable e-cigarettes and vapes.

Customisable Experience

The vaping industry has advanced the technology that goes into the construction of pod-style vaping devices. Now, they're easier to re-fill with options in varying nicotine levels. You no longer have to worry about the complex inner construction with its sub-ohm coils and atomiser.

If you're the type of vaper interested in the engineering of vapes, pod kits are still the way to go. Their open pod systems are customisable in a way disposable vapes aren't.

Think of how those more interested in computer engineering prefer PCs, and those who want a sleek machine that runs well and doesn't have to tinker with prefer Mac devices. That's a good analogy for disposables (Mac) and pod kits (PC).


  • Price-wise, pod systems are more expensive up front than disposable vapes, but because you can re-fill each device with a new pod, you'll get more mileage out of your re-filled reusable vape kit.
  • Not only do vape mods use replaceable pods, but also they use refillable pods. You can try out any e-liquid vape juice in your pod vape without purchasing a whole new device.
  • You have more control over open pod systems than closed disposable vapes. Each pod kit has an open pod system to customise to your preferences.
  • Buying a pod kit is more environmentally friendly than buying a disposable vape and smoking regular cigarettes because the battery can be recharged rather than tossed away each time.

Like disposable brands, open pod kits have various downsides worth considering.


  • While evidence shows that pod vapes may be less harmful than regular cigarettes, there are still health impacts to consider from the prolonged use of pod vapes.
  • All those empty pods of e-liquid can produce just as much hard-to-recycle waste as buying and disposing of nonreusable devices.
  • All that e-liquid use affects pod systems, which you need to clean and maintain for optimal performance.
  • You have to purchase other accessories for a pod vape to run, such as vape juice cartridges, atomisers, and batteries. If the e-liquid runs out of the cartridge, you must clean it regularly.


Pod systems are generally more environmentally friendly. They save you money in the long run and give you more flavour options. They also make it easier to control nicotine intake.

The manufacturers of vape kits don't necessarily see themselves competing with disposable vapes but with regular cigarettes.

The great thing about vape kits is that you can adjust the intake for the full range of nicotine and tobacco, from 0 to the full amount you'd get smoking cigarettes.

Disposable Vapes vs Pod Vapes: What Is Better Value for Money?

If you're deciding between a vape pod kit and a nonreusable vape, the question of "value" comes down to how you'll be using it.

Are you going to be vaping every day? Do you want to try different e-liquid flavours? Are you just experimenting with vaping to see if you like it?

Going with a pod kit will save you money in the long run if you plan to use it heavily. Double that if you always clean the pod systems on your pod vape kits. But if you aren't a serious vaper or just trying it out, disposable vape kits are a cheaper buy.

Thankfully, RELX offers both disposable vapes with the RELX Bar & pod vapes with the RELX Pods. Why limit yourself to one when you can try both?

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