Disposable Vape RELX Bar

BubbleMon Edition, up to 600 puffs

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1 Pack / Mango Orange x1

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Relx bubblemon amazing

These are the only vapes I like, gutted I can’t get them anymore, why have they been discontinued? I’ve bought the essential bar and pod, thrown it away it was awful. Please bring these back they are amazing, just the right back of the throat hit everytime

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Decent flavours, nice design

RELX bar disposable vape have become a 'go to' option for me.
Everyone has their own taste when it comes to flavours but my top four would be mango pear, bluecurrant, green apple kiwi and watermelon. Not too sweet, or icy. I find that they are good a day vape options. Being able to see how much juice you have left is a good design feature.
I've found ordering to be easy and delivery time is also reasonable.

Good product and service is wonderful

Good product but if have more choice will perfect cause this brand is number one for disposable vape I knew it cause I see many people in thailand my country I came from they always love this brand but now I’m living in uk as least still have Relx bar much be nice 🫶🏻🫶🏻

Tracy Harber
Great value

Fast delivery and great value

Victoria Victoria

Really like them and also the other ones you sent

Julie Hockema

My only quirk is that you don't have flavors without the cool sensation other than the tobacco.

David Lewindon
Great service

Easy and quick. I will do this again

Janette Stone

Disposable Vape RELX Bar

Wai Lun Lo
Good taste

Good taste . I highly recommend can offer cola and the price on competitive

Sin Gigi

Very good

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Disposable Vapes General FAQ & Troubleshooting

1. How long does a disposable vape last?

A disposable has been designed to last an average vaper a full day. However, this can differ from person to person - if you’re new to vaping, or was a heavy smoker they may last longer or less. Every disposable vape lists a “puff count”, vapes with a higher puff count will last for longer, depending on how long/hard you inhale each time). To be on the safe side we always recommend carrying a spare with you, just in case you can’t buy a replacement straight away. After a couple of days, you’ll know how long a disposable will last you based on your own vaping habits.

How are puff counts on disposable vapes calculated?

The laboratory test of RELX Bar disposable vape was carried out with a 1s vaping and stopping for 5s with a flow rate of 11ml/s. From this, we conclude that RELX Bar is capable of achieving 600 puffs. Please note that the maximum puff data for the experimental environment is 600,but the suction strength and habits of each individual may vary, which may cause the real puff data to differ from the experimental figures.

Troubleshooting Steps

a.Just purchased, no vapor

① Check if the top/bottom silicone plug has been removed (it can only be vaped normally after it has been removed)

②Check if there was any water immersion.

b. No Vapor/No power for a while after purchase

① Out of battery

② Out of e-juice

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