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Can You Vape on a Train?

October 21, 2023

One thing's for sure: travelling by train is one of the best ways to travel. Even if you’re going a short distance on a budget ticket, sitting back and relaxing with a book or a friend is a great way to pass the time. With gas costs soaring too, a train can be a cheaper alternative. 

But can you enjoy your vape device on this form of transport? Let's find out.

Is Vaping Banned on Trains?

No matter where you are, it’s essential to check your travel line's regulations before you use disposable vape pens. A quick Google of your train line’s website is an easy way to check.

For example, on Canadian line VIA Rail Canada, they have a strict smoke-free policy for all passengers on their trains and inside stations. If you’re worried about when you’ll next get to smoke, they offer tips on what stops provide smoke breaks. These stops allow you to get off the train, smoke, and then get back on. 

In the UK, on the other hand, there is a blanket ban on all use of e-cigarettes on any train since 2015. Although e-cigarettes aren’t included in the smoking legislation, which bans the use of tobacco cigarettes in enclosed workplaces and public places, most public transport lines will have a ban on the use of e-cigarettes. Indeed, they will follow the same policy as their tobacco cigarette policy to comfort all passengers. 

Again, if you’re ever uncertain, it’s best to check to avoid any unwanted altercations or prosecutions, so once you’ve bought your ticket, research your travel journey provider and discover their smoking policy so you know where you can and can’t smoke indoors.

Can You Vape on Train Platforms?

Platforms are often out in the open air, so what difference is it smoking a vape device there compared to on the street? Well, it’s a little complicated. 

In the UK, train stations are still classed as enclosed areas to the public, so the use of cigarettes and vaping devices is banned. While it might contradict your sentiments, you must follow the guidelines.

Staff may ask you to stop vaping if caught. If caught again, staff may ask you to leave, and should there be any refusal, station staff can call the police to assist them.

In other locations like Canada, train lines strictly prohibit vape devices on all trains and stations. However, unlike in the UK, there are options to get off the train for a smoke break, should you want to take that option. 

These stops are specific, however, so why not check which stops allow for this before you get on the train? It’s great that there’s an option for vapers to get off the train to vape properly - without having to go too long between vaping sessions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Take a Vape on a Train?

You can carry a vape on a train or station platform. However, we wouldn't recommend smoking your vape on the train, as this goes against almost every train line’s policy in Canada and the UK and could incur unwanted sanctions. Make a note of specific stops for smoke breaks, where available.

Final Thoughts

Public transport providers ban vaping on most forms of transport, including trains, so respecting the rules will make for a smooth journey - wherever you're headed. 

Not smoking on a train doesn’t mean the end of vaping forever. Why not browse RELX’s collections to get a new vape device so that once you’re home, you can enjoy the long-anticipated vape?

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