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Why Do I Vape More Than I Smoked?

November 06, 2023

Vaping has become increasingly popular over the last several years, and many people are now switching from smoking to vaping. Many vapers notice that they use their vapes more than they smoked cigarettes, and there are a few reasons why this might be happening.

Learn about the benefits that make it easier for you to vape more than you previously smoked so you can understand why vaping seems more popular.

Greater Access

Vaping can be much more convenient than smoking. Unlike cigarettes, vapes aren’t limited to outdoor use only, aren't limited by the weather, and don't require lighters or matches. This convenience and greater access may draw you to vape, but it can also lead to using the vape more often than you may have originally intended.

Indoor Use

Many places now have indoor use restrictions or bans on smoking cigarettes, but they often don't apply to vaping. As a result, you might find yourself able to use your device indoors more often without breaking any rules or laws, making vaping easier regardless of the time or place.

Why do vapes tend to be more allowed indoors? Compared to smoking, vaping e-cigarettes are about 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco cigarettes, according to a 2015 Public Health England study. While even second-hand cigarette smoke can harm human health, the risks associated with second-hand aerosol from vaping are still being studied but are expected to be much lower than those associated with cigarette smoke.

Vaping also carries a much lower risk of fire than cigarettes. Cigarettes pose a significant fire risk, while e-cigarette-related fires are rare.

Due to this, indoor vaping is often more accepted than indoor smoking, which may lead you to use your vape more than you smoked cigarettes. It's easier to do since finding an appropriate place to vape is less of a hassle.

Weather Independent

Smoking is rarely allowed indoors, so you were once limited in where you could partake when you were a smoker. Most of the time, you were likely smoking outside. Since smoking is generally an outdoor activity, smokers must deal with weather changes and conditions that might make smoking uncomfortable or even impossible. 

For example, if you live in a cold climate or area with strong winds, it can be challenging to smoke during these conditions, and you're likely to use your cigarette less often when faced with such elements.

Vapers don’t face this same issue. Since you can vape indoors, you aren't subjected to harsh outdoor weather conditions and can vape freely regardless of temperature or wind.


When using an e-cigarette, there's no need for matches or lighters since they’re electronically powered. Disposable e-cigarettes like those from RELX's collections make vaping simpler and more convenient than smoking. 

All you need is the vape, making users more likely to use their devices frequently. There’s no concern of running out of matches or your lighter giving out on you. 

Even if you’re using a rechargeable vape, the additional upkeep and maintenance of occasionally changing a coil, cleaning the vape and recharging it is easier than smoking a new cigarette each time, especially if you used to roll your own cigarettes.

The ability to just reach for your device whenever you want and take a puff makes it easier for many vapers to do so more frequently than they would with traditional cigarettes.

Longer Lifespan

E-cigarettes also have a much longer lifespan than traditional cigarettes, making them less wasteful and more economical than smoking tobacco. While cigarettes are finite and offer a limited smoking experience, vapes are designed to give you a greater amount of puffs, with that number increasing in larger devices. 

They're not intended for single vape sessions but instead can be used for days or weeks until the e-liquid runs out.

Since an e-cigarette can be used multiple times before needing to be replaced or recharged, vapers might find themselves using their device more than they used to smoke cigarettes.

Flavours and Customisable Options

Finally, vaping offers various flavour options and nicotine levels that set it apart from smoking tobacco. Vapers can choose how much nicotine is in their vape juice as well as the flavour they’d like to use, expanding their options and allowing them to customise their vape to be a more enjoyable experience. This customisation could lead users to vape more often than they may have previously reached for a cigarette.

Final Thoughts

You may notice that you vape more than you used to smoke for a few reasons. Its greater convenience, indoor access, weather independence, simpler use, longer lifespan and flavour options all contribute to the increased interest in and use of vapes. With this knowledge, you can better assess the differences between vaping and smoking.

If you’re looking for a new disposable vape, check out our collections at RELX for a wide range of high-quality options to find your perfect fit!

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