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Why Is My Vape Spitting?

February 19, 2024

Vaping devices can begin to spit for many different reasons. We all know the proper care and attention are recommended for these devices in order to prevent issues such as spitting, leaking, or popping - but how do we take care of it before it happens? Understanding the different circumstances in which these issues occur is the best way to assess and address the problem in the future. In order to curate a smoother and more enjoyable vaping experience, the proper care of the device and quick action when problems begin to show themselves are necessary.

So, Why Is Your Vape Spitting?

Vapes can spit, pop, or crackle for many different reasons. Usually, the pop or crackling sounds can predate the spitting, acting somewhat as a warning sign, though they often have their own, though very similar, causes. Don't be too alarmed if you hear these noises - we're here to help.

How Can You Stop Your Vape From Spitting?

The best way to prevent spitting is to take excellent and consistent care of your vaping device. This can be achieved in a number of different ways:

Avoiding Over-Priming

During the initial set-up of the device, or when changing to a new coil, one of the prime reasons for your vape spitting is over-priming. This is an easy mistake to make, especially if one is unfamiliar with vaping or vape devices and how they work. Over-saturating the coil with the e-liquid will likely make the coil struggle to vaporise as you draw, typically forcing the surplus liquid out through the mouthpiece of the vape device.

Using the Correct E-Liquid

One of the easiest mistakes to make is buying and using the wrong e-liquid. Most vape devices are equipped for specific matching e-liquids, and using the wrong one can lead to a burnt taste upon your draw, damage to your device, and spitting. As most e-liquids are formulated to work only with specific vapes, they'll typically vary in things such as liquid consistency and nicotine levels, which may damage the coil of your original device. They can also lead to other issues, such as a feeling of nausea upon using the wrong combination.

Incorrect Wattage

If your wattage level is too low, then your device might start to make unexpected sounds as you use it. A higher wattage will allow for a smoother vaping experience, thereby nullifying those sounds - as the wattage can adequately handle the device's settings. Additionally, a lower wattage naturally means that the device will have less power. So, it may not be able to consistently heat the e-liquid enough to vaporise it, leading it to spit through the mouthpiece of the device. 

Improper Inhalation Technique

Taking longer draws too often on the vape device is another way to cause spitting. Since many people who use vapes are those looking to quit smoking, they may be used to taking longer draws on cigarettes and not realise that it's better to take short draws on a vape device in the long run. Taking shorter draws on a vape device will naturally reduce spitting, as well as use less heat, and conserve the battery power of your device.

Damaged or Worn Coil

Coils in vapes have a finite lifespan, and therefore need to be routinely changed as part of good care and upkeep for your vape. Continuing to use a worn coil may damage both it and your device, and thereby cause issues with your vape device, such as spitting, but also contribute to wear and tear, dirt and grime build-up, and a poor flavour experience.


Condensation naturally occurs within the vape device, as the device changes temperature throughout its use, and by nature of heating a liquid in a small and confined space. However, excessive condensation can cause problems. While this can be prevented by regular cleaning, correct assembly of the device, and avoiding over-priming with your e-liquid of choice, too much condensation can lead to spitting and other unpleasant sounds emanating from your device - such as gurgling and popping.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens if a Vape Spits in Your Mouth?

If vape juice spits into your mouth, it's typically not a cause for alarm. While not dangerous, it can be irritating and generally unpleasant. Experiencing vape juice spitting into your mouth might leave you with a light feeling of nausea. However, it would take ingesting a large amount of e-liquid to cause physical illness.

Final Thoughts

Having your vape spit can be off-putting, but it shouldn't ruin the whole vaping experience, as it isn't the be-all and end-all of your device. There are many preventative measures you can take to avoid spitting as much as possible, which will aid you in the care and upkeep of your device. However, if your vape might be coming to the end of the line, it may be time to explore other options and invest in a newer device from RELX today!

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