RELX Vape Pod Flavours Review in 2022

February 11, 2022

2022 is the year to try new things, experience new sensations, and give yourself the treats you deserve!

That’s why RELX is here to offer more robust and diverse flavours than you’ll find anywhere else on the vape market. You're bound to find something you love, from complicated, dark leather to florals, and even a few sweets inspired options.

We want our customers to feel confident and informed when purchasing from us; this review is here to put the power in your hands. Let’s get into all the details so that you can make a knowledgeable decision when picking your ideal flavour. 

Read on to discover our entire array of fantastic 2022 flavours!

Classic Tobacco

This classic flavour offers the authentic flavour of tobacco with an aromatic finish. This pod is the go-to choice for those who appreciate the complex scent of tobacco but don’t want the smell to linger. For a smooth taste with notes of raw earth, look no further than tobacco. Powerful but not overwhelming, tobacco is ideal for the classy vaper.

Crisp Green

Feel the rush of biting into a tart granny smith apple with every inhale from our Crisp Green pod. Tangy and bright, this sharp flavour ends with a mint undertone to cool down the whole experience. Get the sensation of plucking the green apple straight from the tree and taking a juicy bite! 

Dark Sparkle

This throwback flavour channels a rich, sparkling vanilla drink! Picture a cool drink on a hot, languid day. We took the sensation of relief that comes with the first effervescent sip and put it right in this pod. Feel the twinkle in the first puff.

Exotic Passion

For a truly unique taste, check out Exotic Passion. Experience the natural sweet and sour combination that makes the South American passion fruit so, well, passionate! A strong sweetness pairs excellently with a refreshing mint finish. Take a risk, and try something exotic and complicated when you taste this vape flavour inspired by this unparalleled fruit!

Forest Gems

You might be used to a blackcurrant in your jams and jellies, but we took that grape-y, tart flavour and pumped it into our Forest Gems pod! The mixed berry flavour is inviting and cosy, with blackberry, raspberry, and blueberry hints making themselves known. Enjoy a berry blend and taste these gems that decorate the forest from the comfort of your vape.

Fresh Red

What’s more refreshing than a fresh watermelon bursting with delicious juice? Not much, right! Our Fresh Red pods channel that subtle bright sweetness and mouth-watering juice. Every inhalation is like sipping from a freshly squeezed ripe watermelon. Enjoy this summer treat anytime with your new Fresh Red RELX pod!

Fruit Tea

Those with a refined palate will adore the subtle flavour of iced oolong tea combined with ripe peaches. The nutty and warm oolong sits comfortably next to the sweet aroma of peach. Tea lovers rejoice — finally, a vape pod that isolates the complex oolong aroma with confidence. Taste China’s favourite drink in every inhale.

Garden's Heart

The marriage of sweet and citrus notes is one we can all celebrate. Nowhere is that combination more pronounced than in a fresh strawberry! The Garden’s Heart pod is a strawberry explosion — tart, fruity, with a dash of sunshine. This pod flavour will transport you to a summer afternoon harvest! Give yourself a delicacy; feel the heart of the garden.

Golden Bunch

Let your inner monkey out with the Golden Bunch pod! This banana-inspired sweetness plays up a classic flavour combination with complementary hints of vanilla, rum, and honey. It provides that perfectly yellow ripe banana experience. No peeling required; get right to the flavour with every puff! Grab your very own bunch now and taste those sweet bananas today!

Golden Crystal

Our Golden Crystal flavour combines two tenets of Southeast Asia into one: honey tea and the pomelo fruit. The sweetness of honey sits next to the slightly bitter, grapefruity pomelo taste, creating the ideal balance of flavour. A mint exhale finishes off each puff as the perfect way to reset the palate. The Golden Crystal is waiting for you!

Golden Slice

Experience tropical mango perfection with each inhale. We put an icy twist on the taste of the Philippine mango to cool down the sweet and floral sensation. Ready to be transported to a lazy day on a tropical beach? Give the Golden Slice a go, and you’ve got your ticket for the trip!

Green Zest Tobacco

This one of a kind flavour combines rich menthol cut with lemon-lime sourness. The blast of citrus wakes you up, and the tobacco menthol mix instantly soothes you. Go on this journey every time you inhale this unique flavour. Everyone needs some zest in their life; why not choose Green Zest Tobacco?

Hawaiian Sunshine

An enduring favourite, pineapple is a go-to for many seeking that sweetly tropical taste. The excitement that comes from slicing into a massive, juicy pineapple is what you’ll get when you take a deep puff from the Hawaiian Sunshine pods. Bring light to your life and soak up some rays with this sunshine-y and full flavour!

Jasmine Green Tea

A freshly brewed cup of Jasmine tea is an experience like no other. A rich, multifaceted bitterness lays underneath an intense floral and aromatic overtone. Feel the warmth of a hot cup of Jasmine Green Tea with every puff. Don’t bother waiting for the kettle to heat up; just grab your RELX pen and inhale!

Ludou Ice

It’s bean time! The Ludou Ice flavour is our take on that perennially favourite east Asian snack — green bean ice! Mung bean ice has a nutty and aromatic taste, with just a hint of frozen sweetness to finish it off. Get your bean fix now and try out the Ludou Ice!

Mellow Melody

Chill out with a puff from this blend of delicious melons! Let honeydew and cantaloupe tantalise your taste buds. Feel that classic, lightly sweet flavour followed by a blast of refreshing clear water and finished off with a cold mint aftertaste. Round out your pod collection with this sweet Mellow Melon Melody!

Menthol Plus

Chilly, iced, cool, striking — it’s the unmistakable flavour of menthol. If you’re looking for an intense version of this classic favourite, look no further. Menthol Plus is just what you’d expect, turned up to the max; a crisp, clean inhale every time. Get minty fresh today and pick up some Menthol Plus pods now. 

Menthol Xtra

Experience everything you love about Menthol, kicked up to 11! An arctic mint blast fills your lungs and puts you into a refreshing state of mind. Enjoy the sweet notes of freshly plucked mint mixed with a winter wind. If you like Menthol, you’ll love Menthol Xtra. It’s OK, be extra!


Savour every puff with this popular flavour. A gentle menthol finish complements a strong mint overtone. Mint is everything you want in a vape; cool, refreshing, and simple. There’s a reason mint is one of our best sellers — you can’t go wrong with the goose pimple-inducing chill of mint!

Orchard Rounds

That first cut into a ripe peach is almost as satisfying as taking the first bite. Picture the succulent juices from this naturally sweet fruit as you take the first puff of your Orchard Rounds pod. Peach flavour floods your mouth with every inhale, and cooling mint follows in the exhale. You don’t need to go to the farm to experience this orchard!

Raspy Ruby

The sweet and sour tang of a fresh raspberry is precisely the sensation we’ve captured in our Raspy Ruby vape pod. Except you don’t need to worry about seeds getting stuck in your teeth! This berry flavour is sure to put a smile on your face from the first puff. Our Raspy Ruby is the jewel of the vaping world.

Rich Tobacco

If you love the smell of tobacco but can’t stand the lingering presence, our Rich Tobacco pods are for you. Get an intense burst of leather and dark wood for a few seconds, then let it all go with a minty exhale. This sophisticated flavour caters to the vaper with a refined taste.

Sunny Sparkle

Did you know you really can bottle up some sunshine? Our Sunny Sparkle pod takes the bubbly fun of orange and distils it into a vibrant and popping taste. Enjoy the super sweet sensation of your favourite orange drink in every inhale. This pod is for someone who loves a good time and can’t wait to soak up the sun!

Sunset Paradise

Often described as a cross between a strawberry and a pear, guava is a unique fruit that begs for a taste. An exotic choice, yet universally pleasant, the guava flavour in our Sunset Paradise pod is sure to entertain your taste buds. Feel the sweet tang of this subtropical delicacy! Try something new today; try the Sunset Paradise!

Tangy Purple

Our Tangy Purple pods take inspiration from grapes for that ultimate sour-sweet combo. Start with a pucker and end with a rush of mint to cool it all down. Purple grapes are like Mother Nature's pods — packed with flavour in a neat little container. We just kick it up a notch and heightened the sensation in our vape pod!

White Freeze

White Freeze is chiselled right off a frozen block of lemonade. This pod contains all the joy of getting freshly chipped ice topped by a lemony tang. The frozen flavour leads to intense sour lemon, with a gentle sweetness that brings it all altogether. 


There you have it, the best of the best! After checking out all our intense vape pod flavours, you’d be hard-pressed to want more. When you can’t go wrong, the only hard decision is choosing where to start!

Enjoy our high-quality RELX pods and make 2022 a year of aromatic adventure!

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