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Non-Disposable Vapes in the UK

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Whilst disposable vapes are taking over the world because of their convenience and low price – you can dispose of a disposable vape once the vape juice has run out and move over to a new one – there’s another kind of vape that shouldn’t be sidestepped: the non-disposable vapes. 

These non-disposable vapes are gaining fame and traction in the United Kingdom mainly because of their advantages over disposable options. These vapes are most suitable for vapers who prefer complete control over their device and vaping. You’ll understand more about this as we explore the non-disposable e-cigs in this discussion.

The Rise of Non-Disposable Vapes in the UK

Otherwise referred to as refillable vapes, non-disposable vapes are preferred by vapers who want to control the way they use their vaping device better. These vapes are also not constricted to just one flavor, and you can refill them several times, making them also affordable choices. Many vapers also choose these vapes because they are environment-friendly. Let’s take a closer look. 


Environmental benefits - Since you don’t dispose of them sooner like how you do with disposable devices, they minimize waste, reduce pollution from plastics, lower the carbon footprint, and champion sustainability.  


Cost-effectiveness over time - While disposable vaping devices are affordable, you can enjoy long-term cost-effectiveness with a non-disposable vape. This is basically for the reason you can use it repeatedly.  


Customization and versatility—Non-disposable vaping devices usually have customizable settings and interchangeable parts. Moreover, they won’t restrict you to only one flavor, enhancing your vaping pleasures. 


RELX's Non-Disposable Vape Lineup

Who says that RELX only stands out for disposable vapes? Our brand also has a slew of non-disposable vapes that you’ll surely adore.

New RELX Spin: Innovation Meets Style

We begin with our new RELX SPIN. This non-disposable vape is designed and engineered like no other. It’s transparent, so you can view the e-liquid level easily, and it informs you immediately when it needs refilling. It’s designed so you can simply twist it to switch flavors effortlessly. 

Aside from its indicator lighting system, which makes it easier to see the battery level, this vape device is designed for 4,000 puffs. Customization is guaranteed. The new RELX SPIN will revolutionize your vaping moments.

Essential Starter Kit: Perfect for Beginners

Are you a beginner in vaping? Well, don’t be afraid to choose a non-disposable vape, especially with our Essential Starter Kit. Right as you purchase, you’ll be given a set with the essential starter device and a vape pod of the tastiest flavors, making its simplicity and ease of use stand out.

When it runs low on battery, charge it easily with a USB-C charging port. It charges to full battery in just around 40 minutes. It comes with three of our most popular flavors: Menthol Plus, Fresh Red, and Blueberry Splash. They contain 18mg nicotine salt blend.

Infinity 2 Device: Advanced Vaping Technology

With our Infinity 2 Device, there’s no point playing safe. Go all out. Go advanced. It’s engineered with the SuperSmooth Technology, characterized by innovations that produce the amount of vapor that’s right for you and provide you with consistent vapor volume. 

When it comes to battery life, this device is an upgrade from our previous Infinity, which takes it up notches higher from 380 mAh to 440 mAh. Plus, it charges fast. In just 15 minutes, you get 80 percent of the battery level. Furthermore, no e-liquid leaks with how this device is designed.

Why Choose a Non-Disposable Vape?

If, in spite of that presentation of our best non-disposable vapes, you’re still doubtful, here are more reasons why you should for this kind of vaping device.

Long-Term Savings

While there’s no doubt that disposable vapes are still affordable and your first investment with a non-disposable vape can be high, you’ll enjoy long-term savings with the latter. Obviously, you won’t need to keep buying devices, and you just need to buy your e-liquids and parts to replace from time to time to maintain the device’s ideal performance, such as coils.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Does repeatedly throwing away vapes make you feel guilty? Non-disposable vapes stay with you for a longer period. You don’t dispose of them immediately, so you contribute to rescuing the environment. It’s all about sustainability.

Consistent Vaping Experience

With the adjustable and customizable settings of non-disposable devices, as well as peak battery performance, you can enjoy the consistency of vapor qualities and flavors, enhancing your overall experience.

How to Get the Most from Your Non-Disposable Vape

Since a non-disposable vape is with you for a longer while, caring for it matters.

Cleaning and Care Tips

Prior to filling the device with a new vape juice, you have to make sure it is clean. Empty out any liquid left and use a sheet of kitchen roll to absorb any material that’s been left over. You should also disassemble the coil and wick. Then, fully submerge the device’s tank and mouthpiece in hot water, rinsing it thoroughly. Feel free to use soap if the device is really dirty. 

Before assembling the parts back again, make sure they’re fully dry. It’s dangerous to put a wet tank on a battery pack.

Pod Replacement and Refilling

  • Do not overfill or you’ll risk your non-disposable vape to leaks and damage. 
  • Be sure to prime the coils. 
  • Use only compatible e-liquids to prevent clogging.

Maximising Battery Life

  • Avoid overcharging. 
  • Always use the charger that came with the device you bought. Using another charger causes the device to break. 
  • Store it in a cool, dry place, away from extreme temperatures when not in use. 
  • Avoid using the device too much.

Non-disposable vapes are a more traditional choice, but that doesn’t mean they won’t offer exciting features. Choosing devices from our brand, RELX gives you access to every benefit that a non-disposable vape can offer, from its versatility to its sustainability. 

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