How Much Do Vapes Cost in 2022?

How Much Do Vapes Cost in 2022?

March 04, 2022

Vaping products and costs can be hard to assess for those unfamiliar with vaping. Fortunately, you can make informed decisions about which vaping products to purchase and use with basic information and research.

Many people are familiar with the dizzying array of flavoured vape pods on the market, but pods aren't the only choice to make when vaping.

There are many products on the market. Different products suit different needs, so it's essential to consider the options based on your particular expectations. Some people prefer to buy a prefilled vape, for example. Others may opt for a more expensive vape with replaceable pods, which can be more budget-friendly in the long term.

Regardless of your specific needs, familiarising yourself with the variety and costs of vaping is a practical first step. Read on to learn more about how much vapes cost in 2022. 

The Costs of Getting Started

The costs of getting started with vaping vary widely based on the device, quality, e-juice, accessories, and parts.

Vape Pen

A new vape pen can cost anywhere from £5 to £200. 

Fortunately, there are various options to meet many different needs. You can select the device that fits your budget and your expectations. 

Whilst you might assume that buying the cheapest model available will be the most cost-effective, it can sometimes be more costly in the long run. More expensive vapes are more likely to be compatible with a wide range of vape juices, meaning you won't have to continue to buy new devices every time you want to try a new flavour. 

Vape Juice 

You can purchase pre-filled vapes or refillable ones. Pre-filled vapes typically contain about 1 ml of juice. 

Refillable vapes are usually a more budget-friendly option. When buying juice by the bottle, you can generally get between 10ml and 100ml of vape juice for between £10 to £30. 

Vape pods typically come in various flavours, including tobacco, fruits, desserts, and other food-themed varieties. Unflavoured vape juices are also available for purchase. 


To keep your vape clean, you might want to invest in cleaning supplies, like brushes and rubbing alcohol. Q-tips can also come in handy. These supplies will improve the quality of your experience, as well as the vape's cleanliness. 

Some people also appreciate having a case for their vape to protect them in case they get dropped. 

Replacement Coils

The heating elements, or coils, need to be replaced much as lightbulbs do. These coils typically cost around £10.

Depending on how frequently you vape, these coils may need replacing once a week or month. It is important to replace coils as soon as they wear out, as run-down coils can result in a burning taste when vaping. 

What Factors Impact the Cost of Vaping?

How Often You Vape

Those who vape more frequently spend more money on vape juice and replacement coils. Depending on how often you vape, you might spend less money on these items. 

Product Quality

Whilst cheaper vape pens may be more appealing for obvious reasons, they pose their own difficulties. Less expensive devices can be more prone to juice leaks and have less-than-impressive battery life.

Investing in a better quality vape can save you money in the long run, especially as you can refill some vapes rather than replace the entire item.


Newer, flashier designs are more likely to run up the cost. Sometimes older devices are offered at a discount, or you can explore the second-hand vape market. 

Rather than choose the device that seems fanciest or most high-tech, start with the one that meets your basic needs. You can always branch out and try something new later.

Is Vaping Cheaper than Smoking?

Vaping is often an option for people looking to replace traditional cigarettes. A Public Health England study led by Professor Ann McNeill (King's College London) and Professor Peter Hajek (Queen Mary University of London) estimates that e-cigarettes, or vapes, are around 95% less harmful than smoking.

When evaluating whether vaping is cheaper than smoking, the frequency of both vaping and smoking plays a key role. The quality and price of your vape and vape juice also determine whether vaping is cheaper. 

At an average of £13.30 for a packet of cigarettes, smoking a pack a day would cost over £4800 per year. 

Re-chargeable and refillable options reduce much of the costs. "Cigalikes" and sub-ohm devices are more likely to cost you more than traditional cigarettes. If you use a refillable vape pen, you are more likely to save money vaping instead of smoking. 

You may incur additional costs if you purchase a lower-quality vape at the outset. Lower-quality vapes are more likely to need replacements of malfunctioning parts. 


It's pretty possible to vape without breaking the bank, and if you have recently switched from smoking to vaping, likely, you'll even save money. Many beginner kits also bundle the start-up items needed. Plus, with maintenance, replacement coils, and cleaning supplies, you can extend the device longevity and stretch your money. 

RELX sells quality vape pens, juice pods, and other vaping equipment online at affordable costs. Whether you're interested in cutting-edge technology or starter kits to bundle savings, RELX is prepared to meet your needs.

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