How Long Do Vape Pods Last?

How Long Do Vape Pods Last?

May 28, 2023

Vaping is an increasingly popular habit, with an ever-evolving market that continues to innovate with new flavours and devices. One of the most popular devices used is vape pods - with good reason! Thanks to their larger size, they last longer than many other vapes but are compact enough to fit into your pocket.

However, they don't always last as long as you might like. If you struggle with this, you're in the right place. In this guide, we'll take you through identifying if your vape pod needs replacing and steps you can take to improve its lifespan. Once we're through, you'll never worry about your pod running empty prematurely again! 

How Long Does a Vape Pod Typically Last?

Vape pods come in many different shapes and sizes, but due to restrictions on e-liquid content within the UK (namely TPD compliance), the maximum amount of e-liquid a vape can contain is 2ml. Our RELX Pod and Pod Pro contains 1.9ml, which roughly translates to 300-400 puffs. Depending on how often you use the device, this should last you a full day. 

How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Vape Pod

It isn't always obvious when it's time to replace your vape pod. Although some newer, more sophisticated pods have indicator lights to inform you when it's time to make a replacement, not all models are as helpful. Luckily, there are multiple clues that you need to replace your pod, so let's take you through some of them. 

The Flavour Has Started to Disappear

One of the most noticeable clues is a gradual drop in flavour. Your hits just don't taste as rich as they used to. This is because your e-liquid is running dangerously low, meaning there's far less flavour produced during evaporation. A lack of flavour could also indicate a fault with the pod, so if you've only recently purchased it, don't rush to replace it. A manufacturing error could be to blame. 

There's Very Little Vapour Produced

Another key indicator is a lack of vapour. This usually occurs in tandem with a noticeably reduced flavour as the same thing causes them: a lack of e-juice. If you notice that the clouds you produce are much smaller than they used to be, it might be time to replace your pod. 

You Start to Experience Dry Hits

The final clue is dry hits. If you take a hit and experience no flavour whatsoever, your vape is dry and needs to be replaced. Either that or it's experiencing a serious mechanical failure. Whatever the reason, it's time to give it up! A dry hit may also taste somewhat burnt. This is a crucial warning sign as it indicates that your wick has started to burn, which can be harmful upon inhalation.

How To Extend the Lifespan of a Vape Pod

If you aren't satisfied with how long your pod lasts, some ways exist to extend its life. It may be the case that your pod is too small for your needs, but before giving up and opting for a larger one, try any of the following steps. 

Increase the Nicotine Percentage

If you use nicotine in your vape pods but feel like you run out of juice before you're satisfied, it might be worth increasing the nicotine percentage of your juice. As the UK is TPD compliant, the maximum nicotine percentage for vapes is 2%. This is often measured in mg, with 20mg representing 2%. 

If you’ve been using vapes with a nicotine content of 5mg or 10mg, increasing the amount could improve your experience. Of course, be careful when doing this, as there are a variety of adverse side effects associated with high nicotine intake

Take Shorter Drags

The longer your drag, the more e-juice your pod will get through. Those extended inhales might feel satisfying in the moment, but you might be using up too much liquid all in one go. If you want your pod to last longer, be more mindful of how long your drags are. Shorter drags can be just as satisfying with the proper practice.

Don't Use Overly-Sugary E-juice

Especially sugary e-juice, or those with a high concentration of VG (vegetable glycerin), tend to deplete much more quickly than their lower counterparts. This is because they evaporate much more easily, and although this produces a more robust flavour, it comes at the cost of longevity. Try an e-juice with less VG; you may see a significant increase in how long your pod lasts. 

Regularly Clean Your Vape

Vapes aren't invulnerable. If you continuously use your vape pod over extended periods, it will inevitably fill with vape juice and other unpleasant debris. This has a harmful knock-on effect on the lifespan of your pod. To keep it going for longer, regularly clean your pod, paying particular attention to where the pod attaches to the battery. 

Stop Chain Vaping

Finally, it's time to stop chain vaping. If you're guilty of this, it's really no wonder that your closed pod doesn't last you very long. If you aren't familiar, chain vaping refers to the practice of continuous vaping with no breaks whatsoever. You need to give your pod time to cool down before hitting it again. Taking extended breaks (up to a few hours) is an excellent habit to get into, but even intervals of ten minutes can make a significant difference. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Hits Does a Pod Last?

This entirely depends on the size and brand of your vape pod. No two pods are the same. However, most pods will cover between 200-300 puffs. Remember, it isn't just the brand that matters, but your personal vaping habits too. 


Vape pods are increasingly popular, but that doesn't mean they're perfect! However, with the right product and some good habits, you can take your pod experience to a whole new level. Browse our full collection of vape pods and see for yourself why so many vapers (new and old!) enjoy our products. We're sure they won't disappoint.

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