How Big is the Vape Industry in the UK?

How Big is the Vape Industry in the UK?

May 20, 2023

Ever since its humble beginnings in the mid-2000s, vaping in the UK has only grown. What started as a "healthier" alternative to traditional smoking has been transformed into an experience. Now vaping is seen as a habit in its own right - even young adults who have never smoked before are considering it.

So just how big is the industry in 2023? And what will the future hold for the UK? Read on to find out.

How Much Is the UK Vape Industry Worth?

With vaping taking over the country, it's hardly surprising that the industry is booming. Whether it's disposable vapes, vape pens, or vape mods, everyone has seen one, maybe tried one, and almost definitely smelt one. Walking through a cloud of bubblegum-flavoured air is not something you'll likely forget!

But just how much is the industry worth? Let's rewind for a moment to truly appreciate this business's power. Back in 2014, the vaping industry in the UK was valued at $1.1 million - still pretty impressive. At this point, vaping had been around for around a decade. Fast forward to today, the latest valuations have it at a mighty $3.89 million!

UK Vape Market Projections for 2023 and Beyond

Is it possible for the industry to grow even bigger? After all, governments worldwide - including the UK - are scrambling to keep up with the ever-changing presence of vaping. We're seeing increasing rules, regulation, and debate over what and how sellers can make them available to the public. Is it the start of the end for the aerosol giant?

The latest data certainly doesn't think so. While it does look like the market might slow a little, that significant valuation prediction number still looks to increase in the coming years. As it currently stands, the vaping industry could be worth a staggering $4.27 million by 2027.

Other Financial Impacts of the Vape Industry in the UK


It's easy to overlook the financial benefits of an industry like vaping when the topic is variably controversial, but it's true! Vaping has been a great boom for the UK economy - and in more places than expected.

Starting with the obvious, the impact vaping has had on the retail market has been immense. Almost every high street in the UK now has at least one vape shop, and we're willing to bet it's one of the most successful shops in the town. The industry has created a large number of jobs and has even been touted as being one of the biggest growing sectors since the 2000s!

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Jobs

Have you ever stopped to think about exactly who is producing the vape pens? The people who have been hired in these brand-new jobs sure do. Factory roles in manufacturing and supply chains have seen a massive increase.

And even better? There's job security. Aside from the fact that vaping is a growing market, for those who choose any of the non-disposable options, there are replacement parts to consider. Batteries, coils, and tanks will all need replacing at some point. Vaping has generally had a very positive financial effect on this area of the UK's economy.

NHS savings

Any economist will tell you that while seeing an increase in growth is exciting, it's even better when paired with savings in other areas. That's precisely what the vaping industry has done for the NHS. The adverse effects of smoking on the nation's health are a significant drain on NHS funds and human resources, but with so many people switching to vaping instead, there has been a marked improvement in the number of smoking-related issues.

While an alternative to cigarette smoking, vaping has been a positive asset for the nation’s health and economy! With the NHS experiencing financial struggle for some time now, this is a welcome saving and yet another way vaping has positively impacted the UK economy.


From way back when vapes were little cigarette lookalikes to today, where there are at least three types of vaping devices available, one thing is certain: the vaping industry has boomed - loudly. And it's a generous industry - the impact of the rise of vaping has had a massively positive effect on several other sectors and, ultimately, the entire UK economy.

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