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Does Vaping Have Calories?

March 16, 2022

Not all habits are healthy. We all know that indulging in sugary sweets late at night or that extra pint at the pub can, over time, have adverse effects on our weight. The excess calories are a strong deterrent for many people, keeping them from fully succumbing to the temptation of the things they enjoy the most. 

The caloric intake of indulgent consumptive behaviours can add up quickly. But can other non-food or drink related habits pack on calories? These days, many people skip snacks and alcohol as a source of pleasure. Instead, they vape. 

Here, we'll address a common concern among avid vapers: Does e-liquid have calories?

Does Vape Juice Have Calories?

It may surprise you to learn that vape juice, also called e-liquid, contains calories. But the calories in vape juice may not come from where you assume. 

With so many indulgent flavours, from cotton candy to Creme Brule, you would guess that the calories come from the flavours. In actuality, most of the calories are in the Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin e-liquid base. That means that, when it comes to vaping, an apple flavoured e-liquid provides no less calories than an apple pie flavoured option.

But the calories from PG or VG bases are minimal. Even if you vape frequently, you'll need to consume at least 15 millilitres of vape juice to consume as many calories as you would in one medium-sized apple. You burn more calories than that while sleeping.

Other questions that commonly emerge in this discussion include this one: Do the calories even count if I'm inhaling them? 

And that's a valid point! We typically absorb nutrients and calories by ingesting food and drinks, not inhaling them. But you actually can ingest calories through your lungs! Think about Ethanol or toxic gases. Once they hit your bloodstream, your body can't easily discern how they got there. Calories function this way too.

Will Vaping Make Me Gain Weight?

We've established that vape juice does indeed contain a small number of calories. But is it enough to make you gain weight? Probably not. Even if you're an avid user, the caloric intake of vaping is still extremely low.

But are there other side effects of vaping or nicotine use that could cause weight gain? That's a trickier question to answer because there are more variables to control for in measuring weight gain causes. For example, since nicotine is an appetite suppressant, people who actively vape may experience fluctuations in weight if they stop vaping all of a sudden.

Commonly, cigarette-smokers will switch to vaping to wean themselves off nicotine over time. With e-liquid, you have more control over nicotine content than you do with cigarettes. A former smoker who opts to use vape juice with lower nicotine levels may experience an increase in their appetite.

An increase in appetite on its own, though, doesn't automatically equal weight gain. Nutritious eating habits and regular exercise can help you maintain a sustainable, healthy weight long-term, regardless of your vaping habits. 

As you can see, many variables would have to play out just right for weight gain to be linked to vaping. Generally speaking, vaping is not proven to impact weight gain significantly.  

Does Vaping Cause Weight Loss?

At this point in time, it is common knowledge that those who stop smoking cigarettes often gain weight during cessation. For many, the concern of potential weight increase is a primary reason that they put off quitting the habit. To this day, many smokers think of it as an aid in weight loss and preventing weight gain. 

But what about vaping? We've established that e-cigarettes and vapes don't put you at risk of significant weight increase, but can these devices aid in shedding stones?

Evidence suggests nicotine is an appetite suppressant, meaning it can hinder feelings of hunger that drive people to eat. As such, nicotine can help prevent weight gain. However, these studies have focused primarily on cigarettes, nicotine patches, and other methods of ingesting nicotine—not vaping.

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Regardless of the science, or lack thereof, to back up the belief that vaping can help someone lose weight, many are putting the idea to the test. There is evidence that young women struggling with disordered eating behaviours often use e-cigarettes as a way to suppress appetite. 

So while the data is inconclusive, many individuals claim using nicotine through vaping has a positive impact on weight loss and maintenance. 


If you're a vape user counting calories, no need to worry. Even with the small number of calories in e-liquid, it is unlikely that your vaping habit will contribute to any weight gain. 

For more on vape devices and e-juice flavours to satisfy your taste, consider RELX UK.

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