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Can You Vape In A Nightclub?

November 14, 2023

Due to their similarities as nicotine and inhalation products, many of the rules regarding vaping have followed suit from traditional cigarettes. That being said, there is still some uncertainty and ambiguity. After all, vaping is still relatively new, and the science of its health concerns is still being researched.

But what are the rules for vaping in public places - especially in nightclubs where it's such a big part of the culture?

Read on to find out.

Vaping in Nightclubs: Rules and Etiquette

The UK Tobacco and Related Products Regulations of 2016 established a TPD market in the UK. While the UK is still a TPD market, rules around smoke-free environments are controlled at the domestic level, meaning the governments of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland enforce their own laws around smoking in public spaces. 

Recognising the above, vaping laws in the UK are a bit of a grey area. Generally speaking, the UK government touts the effectiveness of vaping to help people quit smoking traditional cigarettes. Smoking cigarettes indoors has been banned since the early 2000s

But traditional cigarette smoking isn't the same as vaping — hence the grey area. Vaping indoors tends to be regulated at an institutional level, meaning establishments can set their own vaping rules. Vaping indoors in the UK is generally allowed except for when an entity or public area has imposed a vaping ban. 

What Are the Do's and Don'ts When Vaping in Nightclubs?

Too Many Clouds of Vapour

Whether you're using a mod, a pod, or any other vape device, following specific tips is essential when vaping in a nightclub. One of the first things to consider is to ensure you are not creating large clouds. In other words, respect the people around you.

Never Blow Your Vapour Near Others' Faces

Part of being respectful is not blowing vapour into other people's faces. Whether they are vapers themselves or not, you should be aware of those around you and take care when you are vaping.

Ask If They Are Comfortable Around E-cigarettes

Given that you can't be sure if the people around you in a nightclub are vapers, it's considered polite and respectful to check if they are happy and comfortable for you to vape around them. Clubs tend to be quite big, so if you do vape, it should disappear into the air in a few moments, but for those nearby, it's simply polite to check.

Final Thoughts

Vaping indoors in the UK is a tricky subject. While cigarettes are banned from being smoked inside, the legislation for vaping indoors falls in no-man’s-land. If you’re in a nightclub, don’t vape if there’s signage or instruction that says, ‘No vaping.’ 

For clubs that let you vape in their establishment, follow the courtesies listed above. They’ll go a long way with people around you and ensure the nightclub continues to allow vaping inside. 

Finally, if you’re ever unsure, there’s a simple solution — just ask! For all your vape equipment and e-liquid needs, head to RELX now.

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