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5 Best Vaping Communities and Websites

December 15, 2021

With any niche hobby or interest, it's common to find community groups, websites, and forums dedicated to creating a shared space where enthusiasts can share stories and tips, ask questions, and otherwise develop a camaraderie with their peers. 

Vaping is no exception.

If you're hoping to find more connection in your vaping hobby, joining an online forum or even finding local in-person groups can allow you to share the joy of vaping with like-minded individuals. Start here.

Finding Vaping Communities

Finding vaping communities both online and in-person begins with a common thread - vaping. To find them online, search for terms like ‘vaping’ and others related to vaping in your search engine to see what's most popular.

To find local communities that meet in person, you may want to spend some more time at your local vape shop and ask the store associates if there are any groups they know of. Facebook can also be a great place to look.

The good news here is we've done the grunt work for you, so you can simply browse the most popular vaping communities and find one (or a few) that suits you. 

1. Vaping Underground

Vaping Underground is an online forum for vapers who may be new, a little unsure, or hoping to learn more about the vaping lifestyle. Here, even the most rookie vapers can feel at home, as that was the entire reason for forming the forum in the first place. 

On Vaping Underground, you'll enjoy notably low-key gatekeeping, as it's free to join and engage. It welcomes newcomers just as much as veterans. Unlike some forums, which rank posts and comments of veteran posters above new members, Vaping Underground maintains a level playing field and gives everyone the same amount of attention.

Another pleasant difference between this and other communities is that new vapers are welcomed in by veterans and ushered into forums and topics that are helpful for beginners, rather than either confirmed or denied access to the information. There's even a new vapers area to help beginners without much experience or knowledge.

Vaping Underground sees an average of about 600 active members per day, so there's never a lack of helpful members with whom you can collaborate and communicate.

2. E-Cigarette Forum

E-Cigarette Forum was the first vaping community to come on the scene back in 2007, just as e-cigarettes began launching worldwide and just after the first e-cigarette was introduced to the US. It's much larger than Vaping Underground, with hundreds of thousands of members. However, with only about 50 vapers active daily, it doesn't feel quite so overwhelming.

New members are welcomed to the community but first must go through a set of tasks to make it into the inner circle. New users will need to make a minimum of ten posts in the forum to do this. Once these posts are published, you'll have access to more private areas of the platform that one-off visitors can't see. 

Even if you don't want to jump through the hoops to become a member, you can still browse tons of threads regarding things like batteries, e-liquids, vape models, and more.

The more you post, the higher you rank but don't worry, there's no voting system like Reddit.

3. VapingDaily

VapingDaily is an international website that includes reviews and articles all about vaping and the world around it! 

The staff writers are dedicated to learning the effects of different vapes, and are in constant pursuit of the best products available.

They have been mentioned from the New York Times to Vice to Forbes — let’s just say these writers take their job seriously.

VapingDaily is also on the cutting edge of the ever-changing laws surrounding vaping. Many enthusiasts will hit up VapingDaily as their main news source for all things vape.

Check out their page and learn from the voice of vaping.

4. Vaping Subreddits

Two of the most popular vaping subreddits you might want to look into include:


This page is the largest subreddit with over 188,000 members. It includes a variety of topics, from mods, vape juices, e-cigs, and methodology.


Another popular one with over 33,0000 members is an excellent place for new vapers to learn about the basics.

5. Local Communities

For someone who wants to find more of an in-person connection, turning to your local community is the way to go. You can start online by searching on Facebook for any local vaping groups and joining them. You may find information about local in-person meetups within the group that you can then join.

Suppose you'd instead start face to face, head to your local vape shop and hit up the sales associate for any information they might have about local groups. Meet-ups often occur in these same stores, so you may even spot a flyer or two.


While vaping is an individual pastime, it's something that like-minded people can connect over, whether online or in person. 

Join a community of your fellow vapers at any of the above online forums, or even check out your local groups for some in-person vaping action.

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