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10 Best Songs for Vaping

August 21, 2022

Music makes everything better, including vaping! That's why we've devised a list of the ten best jams that blend beautifully with your vape clouds. 

We've included a blend of timeless classics with current hits. They've been ranked in the Top 100 chart and are go-to choices, whether you're vibing with your clouds or at a vape party. Once you listen to these songs, you'll want to blow clouds to the beat! 

Take a look at our ten best songs for vaping and add them to your vaping playlist! 

1. Bob Marley - Misty Morning 

The activist and music legend Bob Marley drew on his Jamaican roots to innovate music, and it’s nowhere more notable than here in the song’s vibrant calypso beats. It’s a tune guaranteed to immerse you in the music. 

The lyrics are pretty deep, as with many of Marley’s songs. You may reflect deeply on philosophical subjects while vaping. The slow-paced beats and jazz music is so light that you'll feel like you're floating in the clouds. 

If you're looking for a playful beat accompanied by a relaxed vibe while vaping, this reggae tune will make a fantastic addition to your vape playlist. 

2. Eminem, Juice WRLD - Godzilla 

Eminem demonstrates his lyrical prowess as soon as he delivers the song's first line. Throughout the song, his rapping speed increases, showcasing his true mastery of the craft. 

Meshing the world of singing and rapping, Juice WRLD comes in with his beautiful vocals. Puff a few clouds to the heavy beat of this impressive song, brought to you by the rap sensation Eminem. 

While it's much more intense compared to most vaping songs, it's perfect for uplifting your mood and giving you a boost in energy tackling your day. With over 505 million views on its music video and long-standing rankings on the top 100 Charts, this is one of the more popular songs in the last few years. 

3. Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water 

Considered an all-time classic rock song, Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple tells a story about a fire that destroyed a casino in Switzerland. This track is best known for its catchy riff and rocking blues style. This track is great for chilling out with your buddies in a group vaping session. 

Recording as one of the 500 greatest songs of all time by Rolling Stones, it's a timeless classic that is a must for any vapour. You'll find yourself getting sucked into the blues rhythm and the upbeat pace of the electric guitar. 

4. DJ Khaled, Drake - Greece 

Featuring the one and only Drake alongside the new R&B sensation DJ Khaled, this swaying beat is perfect for late-night vaping! It starts with DJ Khaled dropping his signature "We da best music!" followed by Drake's soothing voice. This song evokes vivid imagery of flying above the clouds and living carefree lives. Enjoy your smoke sessions as you jam to the beat of this relaxing hip-hop favourite. 

The lyrics will make you want to drop all your problems and fly away to a faraway place. The lyrics, "come with me, leave all of your things," are relatable, especially after a long hard day. It's the perfect song to complement your vaping as your de-stress and unplug from the world.

5. Peter Paul and Mary - Puff the Magic Dragon 

A phenomenal folk song produced in 1962, Puff explains the story of a majestic creature in a fictional seaside land. Despite the innocent tone, it's known to be a favourite among the vape community

This song is about taking "puffs" of smoke and exhaling them in a big cloud, much like dragons exhale fire and smoke. Make sure to breathe out a thick cloud while listening to this classic. 

6. Rolling Stones - Get Off My Cloud 

There are times when we just need leisure time by ourselves. If you're looking to vape alone without disturbances, turn on this track, have it on repeat, blow huge smoke clouds, and reveal your lone wolf attitude. This blues-rock track by Rolling Stones is ideal for those who wish to enjoy a few uninterrupted puffs while being rebellious. 

This title portrays dismissing a particular person from your life or keeping people at a distance when they bring negative energy into your life. This music playing during a vaping session would be the perfect motivation for cutting out toxic people and finding inner peace. 

The lyrics say it all. "I was sick and tired, fed up with this and decided to take a drive downtown." If you feel against the world, turn on this beautiful track by Rolling Stones, and watch your mood instantly change. 

7. French Montana, Post Malone, Cardi B, Rvssian - Writing on the Wall 

Ride into the beautiful sunset with the clouds by your side. This original track from French Montana features some top hip-hop artists bringing unique flavours to the song. In the video, you'll see speeding cars, motorcycles and gigantic humans making the world their playground. 

Follow along with the relaxed lyrics and hypnotic beat during your vaping sessions throughout the weekend. 

8. Pop Smoke - Invincible 

When this rap song starts playing, you'll feel invincible, infusing power into your clouds. Whether rocking at a party or cruising around with a vape, add this tune to your playlist. 

Pop Smoke knows how to drop beats, and you'll find it irresistible to blow clouds too. All of the lyrics are about feeling invincible and having the power to do anything you want. It's the perfect song to start your day and conquer all your to-dos. 

9. Angie Stone - Green Grass Vapors 

The theme of this song is specifically for the vape community. The song's lyrics speak about the singer's vaping experience, which makes it highly relatable. 

This R&B hit song will offer a calming effect as you puff away. You'll feel uplifted, and your mood will improve, making this tune the perfect companion for your vaping sessions. 

Using innovative instruments, this band instantly sends out a feeling of ecstasy. You can listen to this song while creating vapour trails with friends.

10. Hermitude - The Buzz 

People who enjoy head-bobbing when listening to the music's momentary flow will love its bass. Bop your head to their beat while exhaling gigantic clouds in the air. You can take a small hit on the lead-up and exhale to produce large clouds when the bass drops. 

Featuring EDM effects, this song induces energy and gives you an adrenaline rush. The beats in this song make you groove while vaping. 

This song has a more soulful feel, with a beat that drops hard, imitating the buzz you feel from an enormous vape hit. Understated vocals with references to 'feeling it in the air’ set the right mood for vaping. We love this addition to our vape playlist, combining upbeat and pensive sounds.


Vaping and music are a dynamic duo that complement each other. Many songs have vaping references, so those tracks capture the mood, whether you’re unwinding from the day or getting amped up to tackle it head-on. This list represents various genres and gives vapers a taste of cool, vape-themed music. Now you've got a handful of songs to add to your playlist for your next vape session! 

Ready for a vaping device to pair with the songs in our Top Ten? Check out RELX UK and vape the modern way.

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