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24 Best RELX Pod Flavours for 2024 Reviewed

February 11, 2024

There are so many different flavours out there for vaping devices, and RELX is currently offering some of the greatest and most diverse flavours for any kind of palette. For 2024, we're taking a look at our own flavour catalogue - from classic flavours, to new ones, and even to bolder, more "out there" concoctions - in order to judge the best and most interesting flavours for your vaping experience this year. You're bound to find something you love, whether it be bright and burst fruity flavours, light and smooth tea-based flavours, or even some classic tobacco flavours to help you quit smoking.

Classic Tobacco

Some of the most popular vape flavours are our variations on a traditional tobacco flavour. Our flavour, classic tobacco, is a great way to make use of vaping in order to quit smoking, for example, in helping you to get that tobacco flavour with less of the health risk usually attributed to smoking attached. 

Tobacco Ice

Our other tobacco centric flavour, tobacco ice, is another great way for smokers looking to quit to get that tobacco flavour, and it comes with an added element of richness and a sleek, cooling finish.


Our variations on menthol are another great option for soon to be ex-smokers, especially those who have a preference for more menthol and minty flavours.

Watermelon Ice

Incredibly fruity and perfectly summery, watermelon ice is a popular choice. Fruit based flavours are some of the most popular amongst those who use vapes, as they offer light and refreshing alternatives to smoking - with a good flavour. As the ice in the name may suggest, and similar to the tobacco ice flavour, watermelon ice offers a vaping experience with a lot of fresh coolness.

Strawberry Burst

As one of the most classic fruit flavours of all time, strawberry burst offers that classic and summer-ready red berry vibe.

Juicy Apple

Another instant classic flavour, juicy apple, with bright and sharp notes, you can give yourself the feeling of biting into a ripe and delectably fresh apple with every draw.

Fresh Red

One of our best-selling flavours, fresh red is a highly demanded pod, with a beautifully fresh fruity flavour.

Ruby Raspberry

Another bold red pod, ruby raspberry is high in strong red richness and intensity.

Blueberry Splash

Blueberry splash is one of our “special” fruit pod flavours, offering another classic berry flavour with some extra gusto.


A little similar to blueberry splash, our popular flavour heisenberry is a blueberry and minty mix, almost reminiscent of a blue raspberry slushie. We think you'll love it!

Precious Plum

One of our newest flavours, precious plum, has hit the shelves recently. With that classic dark and fruity plum flavour, this new addition isn't to be missed!

Lychee Ice

There's another new flavour in our catalogue, too! The lychee ice pod offers a refreshing and sweet experience, with notes of florals, and a nice chill.

Mango Orange

Also one of our newest flavours, mango orange gives you the experience of a tantalising tropical kick coupled with a bright and citrusy boost, for an exotic and fruity flavour.

Pineapple Delight

Another tropical favourite, pineapple delight is often a go-to for anyone looking for something exotic, juicy, and all around sunshine-y and bright - no matter the season!

Green Melon

Another one of our newest flavours, green melon gives the tarty and sweet flavour of a perfectly ripe and juicy melon.

Fresh Peach

Fresh peach is an deliciously authentic flavour, with that springtime surge, the fruits picked at their peak for the best vaping experience.

Cherry Lime

With the perfect blend of the darkly sweet cherry and the bright and tart notes of lime, our flavour cherry lime is perfect for anyone who loves sweet and bright fruit flavours.

Jasmine Longjing Tea

There are some vape pod flavours in our arsenal that are based on different types of teas. Different types of drinks are a popular choice for flavour experimentation, and for example, our jasmine Longjing tea gives an earthy and floral arrangement, with a nice balance of richness and coolness as well. This pod flavour is new to our shelves, and we're excited to explore a version of a tea vape pod with the traditional flavour elements of a hot tea, rather than an iced one.

Lemon Iced Tea

Similar to our other iced flavours, our lemon iced tea is ripe to bursting with a nice chill, and a big refreshingly sour, classically citrus hit.

Oolong Iced Tea

Warm notes of Oolong coupled with a high intensity chill come together fantastically in our oolong iced tea pod.

Taro Scoop

Taro scoop is a brand new flavour we've concocted, with a unique dessert flavour. It replicates the flavour of a taro based sweet dessert, with notes of nuttiness and smooth creaminess to boot.

Dark Sparkle

One of our more enigmatic titles, the dark sparkle flavouring mirrors another beverage, but this time a warmer, more vanilla-centric drink to provide a soft and welcoming feeling of relief.

Tangy Purple

Also one of our more “out there” titles for a flavour, our tangy purple pod is a grape-based flavour, with that bright burst of sweetness and the following acidity just like you would get from a grape.

Green Grape

To match our tangy purple grape flavour, we've also got our green grape pod flavour. With a similar sweet and sour burst, green grape matches the energy of our long-standing tangy purple, giving you the satisfying taste of the light and bursting to the brim with flavour fruit.

Final Thoughts

RELX carries many different flavours for all sorts of different palettes and at all kinds of levels of intensity. Some run rich, light, fruity, even earthy, as well as your usual classics like strawberry, mint, or tobacco. There are a ton of options ready to suit anyone's needs. Enjoy the experimentation!


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