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Top UK Vape Flavours: What's Trending in the Vaping World?

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The government of the United Kingdom once conducted research on vaping and found that around one in eight adults in the country reported being vapers. This figure is proof that vaping in the UK is widely popular. 

In order to provide for this growing demand, the vaping industry in the UK has various brands that offer vapes that don’t just look sleek but also very convenient to use, such as pod systems. These vapes are smaller and more compact, making them the preferred device of vapers who are eyeing for simplicity. Among the top brands that have these pod systems in their catalogue is our very own, RELX. 

Join us in this discussion that will enlighten you on the rise of pod systems in the UK, as well as the most popular vape flavours that our pod, the Pod Pro, has in store for you. Let’s begin!

The Rise of Pod Systems in the UK Vaping Scene

Vaping pod systems aren’t like your ordinary device. They’re tinier and more compact, using cartridges called pods that house the e-liquid in the flavour of your choice. They’re adored in the UK, like in other parts of the globe, because they are easy to use. 

Apart from the fact that they’re very straightforward to use, pod systems are portable. You can take them anywhere, perfect for vapers who often find themselves on the go. They’re also easy to charge and maintain. 

Another highlight of these vaping pod systems is the variety of flavours available. From fruity zests to tea-inspired flavours, what these pods have to offer are incredible. Our Pod Pro has a collection of several irresistible flavours you can choose from. Let’s check them out up next.

Top RELX Pod Pro Flavours 

Shop for our Pod Pro to discover awesome features and flavours that will surely elevate your vaping experiences. This pod stands out from the rest, from its design for the ultimate pleasure—stable vapour, resistance optimisation, and noiseless—to its flavours that will take your breath away.

Jasmine Longjing Tea: A Unique Blend of Floral and Earthy Notes

Our brand brings the freshness of Longjing, a pan-roasted green tea from the picturesque village in China’s Zhejiang province, to your vape. It’s one of the most popular vape flavours for UK vapers because of how it fuses jasmine’s floral hints and Longjing tea’s opulent, grassy taste. So, what are you waiting for? Invite your friends to the best tea party as you enjoy this flavour.

Watermelon Ice: The Ultimate Refresher

Nothing compares to the refreshing effect of watermelon on your mouth. But what if you get to taste watermelon in its coldest yet? Even better, right? Our Pod Pro in Watermelon Ice flavour lets you sink your teeth in the goodness of this fruit like it’s summer all year long. It’s the perfect flavour that can transport you to somewhere that’ll be unforgettable, far from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Oolong Ice Tea: A Sophisticated Vaping Experience

Compared to Longjing tea, that’s served sweet with notes of chestnut, oolong tea is a friend to those who prefer something floral, fruity, and toasty. RELX also brings oolong tea into your vaping experience. Oolong tea leaves are withered under the strong, scorching sun before they’re curled and twisted. Therefore, its a toasted taste. If you’re looking for good vape flavours, this is a must-try.

Lime Ice: Zesty and Invigorating

Picture this: a trip to your favourite lemonade stand, where you'll be served a cup of lime drink while strolling around with your earbuds on. This is the feeling that our Pod Pro’s Lime Ice flavour can give you. It’s the ideal way to beat the heat with the bright, tangy flavour of lime, chilled.

Hibiscus Ice Tea: Exotic and Refreshing

Hibiscus is another special type of tea made as an herbal infusion from the magenta calyces of roselle flowers. Its tart and cranberry-like flavour makes its drinkers pour more into their cup. Similarly, our pod's Hibiscus Ice Tea flavour will have you inhaling vapour for as long as you find it satisfying. Let the floral notes of hibiscus groove inside your mouth.

Lychee Ice: A Tropical Delight

Ever remember those moments from your childhood when your mom would peel some lychees for you? She’ll do so because they’re not only tasty but also good for your health. RELX’s Lychee Ice is also among the most popular vape flavours of our Pod Pro, capturing these memories within as you get ready to unleash them every time you vape.

Green Grape: Crisp and Juicy

Who doesn’t love grapes? This crisp and juicy Green Grape flavour of our Pod Pro is the perfect way to relax whenever you take a coffee break at work. Its zesty blend will give that refreshing kick in your mouth as you indulge in ravishing sights while you travel.

Ludou Ice: An Intriguing Fusion of Flavours

Ludou Ice is part of our Pod Pro’s Special flavours. Our brand perfectly captures the cool menthol twist of Ludou, that popular mung bean dessert in Asia that’s also being enjoyed across the globe. This taste is very hard to resist. Try this today. 

With all those available flavours of our Pod Pro, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t hop onto the bandwagon of their popularity in the UK. Choose what you love. It could be the tea-inspired vape flavours that will take you by the tea farms in China. Or, the fruity vape flavours could whisk you away to your favourite island paradise. But, out of those choices, we recommend trying Watermelon Ice. 

Get these from our store at RELX, and step up your shopping. We offer an autoship program where you can score free shipping for every subscription order. Don’t miss being part of our rewards club whose members earn points and exclusive rewards every time they shop. 

Visit RELX today.

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