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Compatible device: All RELX devices.

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Lychee Ice is a cool and refreshing treat!

Indulge in the sweet, succulent taste of lychee with a icy kick. This pod takes you to a chilled-out paradise, where the flavors of summer are frozen in time. Enjoy a fun and creative vaping experience that'll make you feel refreshed and revitalized!





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Fruit / 18mg/ml / Lychee Ice x1

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FAQs About RELX Pod Pro

1) Please maintain an upright posture when using. Lying or leaning will cause oil leakage.

2) If you found e-liquid leakage when opened a new package, please contact our service team for a refund.

The shelf life of an unopened pod is 18 months when it is stored correctly. We recommend finishing an opened pod 15 days after opening it.

RELX vape can be taken on the plane and carried with you. Due to the problem of high-altitude flight air pressure changes, when taking an airplane, please store the pod and the device separately in a closed container, and carry it on board.

Due to the innovative structure of the RELX Pod, there will be a gradual warming process each time you use it, so the first few puffs may be accompanied by a slight crackling sound. This is normal, please do not worry, generally after a few more puffs the smoke will start to release steadily. The new process makes the taste richer, you can take your time to get used to it.

RELX Pod Pro has a super smooth experience: stable vapor,
resistance optimization, more noiseless design. The richness of flavor from first to last puff is impressive. The flavor barely fades away.

RELX Pod imitates the real feeling of smoking. The flavor released by RELX Pod will be more intense and strong.

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