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Vape Coil Lifespan: What You Need to Know

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Without vape coils, the vaping device won’t be capable of vapour production. These coils conduct electricity from the battery to generate heat, vaporising the e-liquid inside the pod or tank to produce the vapour for the vaper to inhale. 

Therefore, you should know the ideal time to change or replace this coil if you want your vape device to be in tip-top shape and continue performing at peak conditions for a superior vaping experience. The lifespan of these coils affects not just flavour and vapour quality but also your overall satisfaction.

That said, let this RELX guide teach you everything you must know about this, addressing the question, “How do vape coils last?” Aside from those, we’ll also introduce you to our products that offer optimum coil performance.

Understanding Vape Coil Lifespan

Vape coils are not for keeps forever. Like your shoes or your phone, there will come a time when you’ll need to replace these vape coils. How long do coils last in a vape? Well, you can expect your coil to last with you, performing without issues, anywhere from a week to a month. However, it really depends on how much you vape. This timespan may be extended or reduced. 

A myriad of factors affect the longevity of your vape coil. These major ones are:


Vape coil quality - Low-quality vape coils are less durable, so they won’t last you longer. Thus, you should choose high-quality coils crafted using superior materials since they can handle more e-liquid and puffs before they deteriorate.  


The e-liquid you choose - Sweeter and thicker e-liquids usually gunk up vape coils quicker because of their heavy sugar content. To extend your coil’s life, you can prefer lighter e-liquids that aren’t too sweet and are gentler on it.  


Your vaping habits - Do you vape every day? If you do, you’ll probably need to replace your coil more often.  


Vaping device settings—If your device has high-wattage settings, they can quickly burn out the coils if they aren’t designed for intense heat. 


Signs It's Time to Change Your Vape Coil

You’ve learned how long should a vape coil last. Now, let’s answer the next question: “What are the tell-tale signs you should change your coil?”

1. Burnt Taste

Don’t turn your vape coil into a 24/7 hero for you. To taste something burnt is awful and should alert you. When it tastes this way, get moving and replace your coil.

2. Reduced Vapour Production

The perfect vapour or clouds are dense. However, if you notice they’re becoming less dense, ditch your current coil and go for a new one.

3. Leaking Issues

There are initial actions to take if you notice your e-liquid leaking. Don’t replace the coil just yet. Disassemble it from the device, clean it, and check the batteries. If the leaking persists, the next thing to do is to inspect the coil. If the e-liquid still keeps leaking, there’s no other way but to replace the coil.

4. Changes in E-Liquid Flavour

If the flavour of your vape doesn’t taste right, say if you don’t get the fruity sensation you’d been getting before, the culprit may be your coil. Change it.

RELX Pod and RELX Pod Pro: Coil Performance Compared

Are you searching for vape devices with coils that perform well and aren’t a headache? To avoid spending money on coil replacement way too early, we recommend that you invest in the RELX Pod and Pod Pro.


It boasts an e-liquid capacity of 1.9 millilitres and nicotine strength at three per cent. It’s also proud of its leak-resistant capability and ergonomic design. Versatile indeed, this device is compatible with others from our brand.

RELX Pod Pro

Our RELX Pod Pro shares some attributes with the RELX Pod, one of which is its capacity for 1.9 millimetres of e-liquid. However, its nicotine isn’t as strong as the former, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have this, does it?

It stands out in the catalogue due to its FEELM ceramic maze coil layout, known for its 11 layers of heating elements inside, making sure to help keep internal leaks and condensation away and bring in optimal flavours with the level of vapour production you’re looking for.

As previously revealed from the Pod Pro, many of our devices use the FEELM technology for optimal flavour and vapour from the e-liquid, which won’t leak easily. You’ll also love that our coils can last you several weeks to a month.

Maximising Your Vape Coil's Lifespan

Besides purchasing only high-quality vaping devices, there are ways to take for you to maximise your coil’s lifespan, from the right priming techniques to proper maintenance. Let’s take a closer look.

Proper Priming Techniques

Don’t forget to prime your new vape coil as you install it, but do this only once. To prime your coil, start by saturating the wicks with your e-liquid. Then, assemble the vape tank and just let it sit for about 10 minutes.

Optimal Power Settings

It’s not just about proper priming, but also setting the power right. Just set this to the lower range of the wattage. Instead of going overboard, do it gradually when you want to top it up with power.

E-Liquid Considerations

The kinds of e-liquids that will strengthen your coil's lifespan are those with higher VG content and those that are not too sweet.

Regular Maintenance Tips

Another secret to vape coils that last longer is regular maintenance. Follow these maintenance tips:

  • Regularly clean the tank
  • Saturate the coil with e-liquid to prevent dry hits
  • Always check for leaks
  • Use only appropriate e-liquids

The Impact of Vaping Habits on Coil Life

You’ve also realised previously how your vaping habits can affect your coil’s life. Join us as we expound this further.

Chain Vaping vs. Moderate Use

Chain vapers are more likely to replace their coils much more often than those who can control their vaping frequency. Heavy vaping won’t give the device sufficient time to cool down. Vaping a lot over an hour or a day causes the coil’s wick to dry out, leaving it without anything to vaporise. This also causes that burnt taste.

Effects of Different E-Liquid Types

Aside from sweetness, your e-liquid’s viscosity also affects the coil’s lifespan as it plays a role in wicking speed. Furthermore, e-liquids with higher nicotine content accelerate the buildup of gunk around the coil.

Temperature Control and Its Benefits

The right temperature control preserves the integrity of the vape coil in various ways. Aside from extending its lifespan, this also avoids overheating, as well as improves vaping consistency and flavour. 

Before you add your chosen vape device to your cart, it won’t hurt to take some time and consult guides like this. They will teach you how to extend your coil’s lifespan, tackling crucial factors such as proper maintenance and opting for high-quality products.

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