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Can You Vape on a Cruise Ship?

October 23, 2023

The question of whether you can vape on a cruise ship is one that many travellers grapple with. Policies vary widely among cruise lines. Gain clarity with our helpful guide to better navigate the often complex vaping regulations aboard cruise ships.

Are You Allowed to Bring Vapes on a Cruise Ship?

Part of knowing how to vape is knowing where you can and can't use it. Some cruise lines allow passengers to bring their own vaping devices on board. However, there are restrictions that travellers need to be aware of. For instance, some ships don’t allow vapes to be used anywhere but the casino, while others may allow vape devices as long as it's not indoors.

If you're travelling for a cruise, the last thing you want to happen is to travel with your vape on a plane only to get stopped at the cruise port. Check the policy for the cruise line before you book so you don't have to throw away your vape or face further penalties from the cruise line.

Cruise Line Vaping Policies

Rather than generalise what these policies allow and prohibit, we'll explore each cruise line's policy to ensure you can follow the guidelines depending on your cruise.

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean extends its smoking policy to using vape devices, including e-cigarettes, box mods, disposable vape pens, and more. According to their policy, vaping is allowed in designated outdoor and designated areas within the Casino Royale. It's prohibited to smoke in any indoor public spaces, staterooms, or stateroom balconies. An additional cleaning fee of $250 USD ($337.88 CAD) is applied for any staterooms where guests violate this policy.


Per Norweigan's smoking policy, vaping is not allowed in the cigar lounge, staterooms, stateroom balconies, indoor public spaces, or non-designated outdoor areas. However, vape devices are allowed in casinos and designated sundeck areas. These designated areas vary depending on the ship, so refer to the cruise line's comprehensive policy for more details.


Carnival cruises ensure plenty of locations for guests to enjoy vape devices onboard. These include the Winners' Luck Casino (if seated and playing) and designated outdoor areas on various deck levels. The specific locations designated safe for vaping vary from ship to ship, but Carnival does an excellent job of providing detailed information on where vaping is okay in its smoking policy


Though Celebrity aims to maintain non-smoking ships, they still recognise that some guests smoke or use electronic cigarettes, so there is always visible signage that indicates which areas are available for smoking or vaping guests. Celebrity doesn't disclose specific areas where vaping is allowed on board in their conduct policy, so you'll need to inquire for more details at the ship's Guest Relations Desk once you get on board.


Vape devices are allowed on Disney Cruise Lines if used within designated smoking areas. While it varies based on the ship, most offer at least two outdoor deck options where you can feel free to enjoy your vape device. They are not allowed anywhere else on board.


All indoor areas are off-limits to vaping on Princess ships. There are certain areas where vaping is allowed outdoors, and these areas will be clearly posted to avoid confusion throughout the boat. It's strictly prohibited to smoke or vape in staterooms and on balconies. Fines will be enforced for anyone who violates this policy.

Where Are You Allowed to Vape on Cruise Ships?

Always review the relevant policy in full before your travel dates. In general, however, some areas guests may find available for vaping include certain sundecks or within the casino. Most ships have straightforward policies that do not allow any smoking or vaping of any kind, whether using a disposable vape pen or a reusable vape device, in staterooms and stateroom balconies. This is likely because the vapour can easily be carried throughout the ship or to other terraces.

At this point, it's clear that while some cruise ships do allow vaping, there is still a level of restriction surrounding its use on board. Be sure to check with your cruise line before you travel so you can better plan out your trip and don't run into any big surprises.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Cruise Ships Check for Vapes?

As vape devices are typically allowed on board for use in specific indicated areas, cruise ships do not check for vapes as you board. They only look for prohibited items, such as cannabis products, undeclared alcohol, or weapons.

Can You Bring a Vape on a Royal Caribbean Cruise?

Yes, you can bring a vape device onboard any Royal Caribbean cruise if you adhere to their vaping policy and only use it in designated outdoor areas or the casino. Do not use it indoors, including your stateroom. Do not use it on a stateroom balcony.

Final Thoughts

Cruise ships offer an exciting vacation experience for anyone looking to explore the world. Vaping is allowed in some capacity on most cruise lines as long as it's in designated areas. Always check with the specific cruise line before embarking so you know what to expect and can find your safe vaping spots more easily. Looking for the right vape to bring with you on your next cruise vacation? Shop RELX's wide selection of vape devices.

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