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Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt?

August 08, 2023

When you go to take a hit from your vape, the only thing you should expect to taste is the delicious flavour you've chosen with your e-liquid. Unfortunately, sometimes it does taste burnt, and it can ruin the enjoyment of vaping.

If your vapes have started to taste burnt, don't worry. There's probably an easy explanation and solution available, so let's get into it!

What Makes a Vape Taste Burnt?

There are many reasons why your vape may have started to taste burnt on every hit, but identifying them can prove tricky sometimes. To give you some clarity, let's take you through some of the key factors that could be ruining your experience. 

The Liquid is Running Low

Your vape needs an appropriate amount of liquid to function properly. If this starts to run too low, you will quickly notice a difference. The first indicator is a burnt taste when you take a hit, and it will likely become more prevalent as time goes on.

This is because the atomiser within your device is not making enough contact with the liquid. If levels have run low, the atomiser can't function properly, and your e-liquid won't evaporate adequately - meaning you aren't going to get any of that delicious flavour you're used to. 

You're Using Improper Vaping Posture

You might be surprised to learn that good posture is important for more than your muscle health - but it's true. Without the proper vaping posture, you could be sabotaging your experience, resulting in that unpleasant burnt taste we're all too familiar with.

Although vaping should be a relaxing, enjoyable activity, vaping while lying down can significantly hamper the functionality of your device. If you vape while lying down or leaning, you could cause an oil leakage, meaning the atomiser won't be able to function properly. Try to keep your device upright when you take a hit. You might notice the burnt taste start to fade away. 

You Need to Clean Your Device

Finally, a build-up of residue within the device or pods themselves can cause an overpowering burnt flavour. Your atomiser might be working perfectly well, but if the residue is getting heated alongside the e-liquid, you'll be hit with an unpleasant mix of flavours resulting in that burnt taste. 

It can be tricky to clean closed-system vapes, but it isn't impossible. Despite being closed, some variations can be taken apart to provide greater access. If all else fails, simply cleaning the mouthpiece may improve the flavour experience. 

Chain-Vaping has Caused Your Vape to Overheat

Finally, overheating is a significant problem for many vape systems, and it can certainly result in a burnt taste. This can occur for various reasons, including leaving your vape in direct sunlight or placing it near a heat source. 

If you vape frequently and consistently without breaks, you will inevitably run through your e-liquid much faster. When there's no e-liquid, the atomiser will simply heat the wick itself. The burnt taste you're experiencing is due to inhaling burnt wick rather than flavoured vapour. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Vape Still Taste Burnt Even With a Brand New Coil?

Even a brand-new coil can taste burnt if it hasn't been primed properly. It may be the case that the wattage of your device is too high for the coil to handle, resulting in a burnt flavour as it overheats. Your coil should be fully saturated with e-liquid before heating; otherwise, you won't get the delicious hit you expect. 

Need a New Vape? Shop RELX!

Although it isn't uncommon to experience a burnt flavour after a hit, it isn't the norm. If you've followed our recommendations and your vape still tastes burnt, it could be a problem with the device itself. Always purchase new vape devices from a reputable brand to ensure the highest quality. A hit from your vape should be enjoyed every time, all the time, so don't settle for less!

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