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How To French Inhale a Vape

November 04, 2023

Other than impressing your friends, vape tricks show a level of control and sophistication. 

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to French inhale a vape, you’re in the right place. 

Luckily, with a bit of practice, you can add the French inhale to your arsenal of smoke tricks. In this post, we teach you how to French inhale like a pro. 

What Is a French Inhale?

A French inhale is a vapingtrick where you exhale a thick cloud of vapour from your mouth while inhaling it through your nose simultaneously. 

This trick creates an illusion that the smoke flows from your mouth to your nose, similar to a reverse waterfall effect. 

How to French Inhale in 6 Steps

Now that you know what the French inhale is, you’re ready to try it for yourself. Follow our step-by-step guide to help you learn and master this vaping trick! 

1. Take a Large Puff of Vapour

Inhale a large puff of vapour. Instead of inhaling it into your lungs, hold it inside the back of your mouth and trap the smoke. 

The key is to inhale enough vapour. You can’t do the trick if there isn’t enough vapour production for a visible cloud. 

2. Slowly Open Your Mouth, Releasing the Smoke 

Next, position your tongue in the back of your mouth. The proper tongue placement ensures an even flow once you exhale and will prevent smoke from entering your throat. Now you can slowly open your mouth, releasing the smoke. 

3. Pout Your Bottom Lip and Send the Smoke Upward 

As you open your mouth slowly, push the lower lip out and have your bottom teeth touch your lip gently. You should stick your jaw forward, which should feel like an underbite. Doing so helps guide the smoke from your mouth to your nose. 

4. Use Your Tongue to Push the Smoke Out of Your Mouth

Next, slowly move your tongue to the front of your mouth and push the vapour out constantly. Avoid pushing the smoke too quickly, as it would dissipate without completing the trick. 

5. Breathe Through Your Nose 

As the vapour comes out of your mouth, you’ll need to simultaneously inhale the smoke through your nose, forming a waterfall. 

The vapour will pour slowly out of your mouth and slowly enter your nostrils. Don’t exhale since the smoke will blow out of your nose and ruin the trick. 

6. Inhale Through Your Nose Until All the Smoke In Your Mouth is Gone 

Inhale the rest of the vapour through your nose to finish the trick. Sometimes you’ll puff too much smoke, and there’ll be leftover vapour in your mouth. You can just exhale the remaining smoke or perform another trick, such as blowing an O afterwards. 

French Inhaling Tips for Beginners

You won’t master the French Inhaling trick overnight. Getting the hang of this vapingtrick takes deliberate practice, but don’t be discouraged. 

Try these tips to help you learn this trick faster: 

  • Choose the Right Vape Pen: While the vape pen itself doesn’t make or break the trick, you want to find a quality device that produces thicker vapour. Doing so makes it easier to hold in your mouth and offers a more visually appealing effect. 
  • Take It Slow: Learning how to inhale and exhale simultaneously takes practice, so it’s important to take it slow and be mindful of your breath. 
  • Practice Exhaling Through Your Nose: If you typically breathe through your mouth, you may not be comfortable exhaling through your nose. You can practice exhaling with any vapour to develop the muscle memory necessary to control the smoke. 
  • Position Your Tongue and Mouth Correctly: Slightly pursing your lips and keeping your tongue in the correct position helps the smoke escape from your mouth more easily. 
  • Practice in the Mirror: Perform the trick in front of a mirror to see the effect for yourself. You can see whether you’re exhaling too quickly. You can also tweak how wide you open your mouth. The key is to find the right balance to make the trick look impressive. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Difference Between a French and a Ghost Inhale?

The French and the Ghost Inhale are two vaping tricks. A French inhale involves creating an illusion that the smoke is flowing from the mouth to the nose. Conversely, the Ghost Inhale is when you exhale the vapour slowly, followed by a rapid re-inhale of the smoke, resulting in minimal visible vapour.

Final Thoughts

We’ve all seen smoke tricks in TV shows, movies, and music videos. While learning them may seem impossible, it’s not. 

With practice and patience, you can learn just about any vape trick, including the French inhale. Your friends will be impressed and possibly even jealous of your vape skills. 

When doing vape tricks, you’ll want a quality vape device. For example, vape juice with a balanced VG/PG ratio can ensure dense vapour production, while a vape pen with a smooth draw makes it easier to control the movement of the vapour. 

Shop our collections available at RELX today to find high-quality products that offer a satisfying vape experience. Make sure you have the ideal vape while exploring various vaping tricks, such as the French inhale.

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