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Can I Leave My Vape in My Car?

October 19, 2023

No matter how into vaping you are, it isn't always appropriate to take it with you in all situations. However, you also need to be mindful of where you leave it. After all, your vape is an electronic device, and certain environments could lead to significant damage to both its internal and external components. 

In this guide, we'll walk you through whether or not it's safe to leave your vape in your car and what other places are considered potentially unsafe for your device. 

Is It Safe To Leave a Vape in a Car?

In short, no, it isn't. However, knowing that isn't as important as understanding why it isn't safe to leave your vape in your car. To make it totally clear, let's take you through some possible negative outcomes that could result from leaving your vape unattended in your vehicle. 

Melting Plastic

Famously, plastic and heat do not go well together, and it can get hot in your car very, very quickly. This is especially true during the summer months. If the plastic of your vape starts to overheat, it may start to break down entirely. Remember, even if your device looks perfectly fine from the outside, the internal mechanism could be damaged. 

The E-Juice Will Break Down Much Faster

Just as strong heat is a sworn enemy to plastic, it's also a sworn enemy to your e-juice. Sunlight, in particular, will do some serious damage to the integrity of your juice, causing it to expire much sooner than it would otherwise due to evaporation. This means less flavour in your vape over time and an increased likelihood of dry, unpleasant hits. 

Your E-Juice Could Leak Out

On top of your vape juice losing its potency, you also run the risk of returning to a pretty big mess. The increased temperature will cause the liquid to thin, which can leak from the tank into your car. That's not ideal for anybody and is a total waste of perfectly good juice. 

Your Battery Could Catch Fire or Even Explode

Finally, but perhaps one of the most important considerations is the risk of your vape exploding. Although it might sound dramatic, it's a very real possibility, especially if the battery in your vape reaches a high enough temperature. The same risk applies to other battery-powered devices, such as mobile phones. Don't take the risk on a hot day, take your vape with you. 

Where Else Should I Avoid Leaving My Vape?

It isn't just your car you need to worry about: there are plenty of places where leaving your vape unattended is a bad idea. We're not suggesting you must keep your device glued to you at all times, but it's important to be aware of some key scenarios where you should keep a closer eye on it. Let's walk you through them. 

Next to The Stove

Vaping while cooking isn't rare, but that doesn't necessarily make it wise. Remember, your vape can't handle the heat, and if you're standing over a stove, then you're undoubtedly putting it at a higher risk of overheating. Plus, if you accidentally drop it anywhere the heat source, it could explode and even start a fire. Don't try to multitask: keep your vape out of the kitchen, or at least nowhere near the stove. 

Beside Your Bathtub

Although laying back in the bath with your vape by your side might sound like the epitome of relaxation, it's a recipe for disaster. Besides excessive heat, enemy number one to your vape is water, and it's surprisingly easy to knock stuff into your bath by accident. Keep your vape a sufficient distance away from you. Nothing ruins a relaxing bath faster than a destroyed vape. 

Near Any Heights 

Vaping indoors isn't permitted in many spaces, so you'll most likely find yourself heading outside to indulge, especially if you're at the bar. A lot of bars have outdoor balconies, and though it might be tempting to vape over the railing and take in the view, it might be best to keep your distance. It's easier than you think to drop that vape over the edge, especially if you've already had a couple of drinks. If you want to take in the view, keep the vape in your pocket. 

By The Pool

Remember what we said about taking your vape into the bath with you? The same rule applies here. Water and vapes don't mix under any circumstances. Vaping poolside might sound enticing, but all that fun will end the second it flies out of your hand and sinks to the bottom. Some vapes are sturdier than others and might survive this brief drowning experience, but most won't. Don't test it. 

Within the Reach of Children

Vaping is a perfectly enjoyable activity for adults. Children have no business taking an inhale of a vape, so keep them out of reach of children at all times. Leaving your vape anywhere unattended or loose is a bad idea, especially in situations where children could easily swipe it. 

Loose in Your Bag

Finally, this is just asking for trouble. Your vape is liable to leak all over everything you own if you have it rolling around in your bag, and trust us, vape juice is the last thing you want to spill. It's sticky, it's oily, and while it might smell nice in a puff, it'll get pretty overpowering when it's pooled up in the bottom of your bag. Keep your vape in a specific pocket or compartment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Leave a Vape in a Hot Car?

You could, but you would probably do significant harm to your vape, potentially even resulting in a small fire, so it isn't worth it. Just take your vape with you, either in your pocket or in a special bag compartment. 

Is It OK to Leave a Vape in a Cold Car?

No. A hot car poses more of an immediate threat in terms of an explosion, but a cold car isn't good for a vape, either. It could cause certain components to stop working entirely or even freeze. Cold air can significantly impact how efficiently your battery runs. 

Final Thoughts

Vaping is an understandably popular habit, but it's still important to stay responsible while enjoying your favourite flavours. Make sure to keep a close eye on where you lay your vape down. If you're looking for a new device after learning the hard way, browse our full collection today! We're certain you'll find a product to love.

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