RELXPods Newly Menthol Flavors Launching

Tangy Purple, Fresh Red, Dark Sparkle, Fruit Tea


Pack of 3 (2ml each)

Buy any 3 menthol flavor (Fresh Red, Tangy Purple, Fruit Tea, Dark Sparkle, Mint, Ludou Ice) packs to get 1 additional non-menthol flavor pack of your choice.


New To E-Cigarette?

We’ve Got You Covered with our 1 Classic Black Starter Kit + 1 RELXPods Mint Flavor Bundle!

1 Classic Black Starter Kit + 1 RELXPods Mint flavor

1 Classic Starter Kit + 1 RELXPods Pack for £19.90.

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Starting May 20, 2020

Banning Flavored and Menthol Cigarettes

Do NOT Apply to e-Cig alternatives. 

From May 20, 2020 the sale of tobacco products that contains flavorings, including menthol cigarettes, are banned in the European Union and the UK.

The ban only applies to cigarettes, menthol capsule cigarettes and menthol flavor hand rolling tobacco.
The new law does not ban e-cigarette devices or limit flavor options for e-cigarettes.