• People who are allergic to alcohol
  • Patients with heart disease
  • Patients with high blood pressure
  • Patients with respiratory diseases
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Youth under age 18


This product should be stored in a cool and dark environment and kept out of reach of children.
Please use the product in moderation. If you feel uncomfortable after use, please stop immediately.





Due to air pressure changes at high altitude, there is a possibility that a small amount of smoke oil will leak. Please pack the cartridge separate from important items.



Due to indoor and outdoor temperature changes, condensation may appear while using the product (this is not oil leakage) and there may be a “grunting” sound when inhaling. This can be removed shaking the cartridge. If there is also smoke oil after removing, please contact customer service as soon as possible.




Cartridge parameters Oil storehouse
capacity: 2.0ml
Heating wire resistance: 1.0-1.2Ω
Puffs of every cartridge: 750〜900
Empty cartridge weight: 4g



Battery capacity: 350mAh

Charging time: 45~60 minutes 

Available use in full power state: 250〜300puff 

Battery cycle life: 300 times 

Battery stick weight: 17g




State Reminder Indicator Light
Charging Just insert to charge On
Charging Lit
Finish charging(40-60 minutes) Off
Using Normal inhaling Gradually gets brighter
Over-inhaling Flickers 3 times
Indicate low power Flickers 10 times
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