RELX's Best Vape Pens for Flavour in the UK

RELX's Best Vape Pens for Flavour in the UK

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When it comes to vaping, enthusiasts go to great lengths to ensure an enjoyable experience. Choosing the right vape pen is a crucial part of that process.

The flavorings in e-liquids or pods are what make vape pens unique. Unlike traditional cigarettes, which always have tobacco notes, vape varies in taste depending on your choice. These devices can instantly deliver your desired flavor. Especially, when they are made from quality components and come from a reputable brand.

After all, using low-quality vape pens may result in a burnt taste or bland flavor. 

Whether you are new to vaping or have been vaping for a long time, pick the right vape pen for an optimal flavor experience. RELX vape pens ensure you can only expect high-quality flavor delivery whenever you use our products.

Why Choose RELX for Flavour?

At RELX, we prioritize the overall ergonomics to ensure our vaping devices are of high quality.

We considered how our consumers hold and use the vapes during puffing sessions. Hence, RELX designed the vapes to be holdable by one hand by reducing their weight as well as making them sleek and compact. We also customized their mouthpiece for them to conform to most lip types and shapes. 

New technologies are also crafted by our brand to help in delivering flavor effectively and securing top-notch performance.

Our mesh coils, for one, have been improved. They can now extract the richest flavor possible out of the e-liquids. New structural layers have also been integrated inside the vape pens. They are meant to avoid internal leaks and condensation.

Here are some vape pens from our line of products that you should invest in.

New RELX Spin: A Revolution in Vaping

This revolutionary vaping device allows you to experience four different flavors with just one pen. You can easily switch between your favorite e-liquid flavors. This makes your experience more versatile and enjoyable.

Touted as “The Pod System Champion,” this 4-in-1 rechargeable vape pen can use 4 pods simultaneously. When switching between flavors, just twist the body and set it to your desired pod. You will know if you’re switching between flavors when you see the front LED flash.

The RELX Spin can also offer a superior flavor experience due to its V-mesh atomizer. This helps evenly heat and vaporize the e-liquid in the pod, providing intense and flavorful puffs.

Essential Starter Kit: Perfect for Beginners

Many vape pens may become too harsh for beginners. We’ve heard you and so we released the Essential Starter Kit. This makes it easy for first-time vape users like you to have a smooth and refreshing experience. 

The smoothness of this vape pen comes from its Air Boost and Active-Steam Pro technologies. They allow you to experience rich vapor, optimized draw resistance, comfortable temperature, and fast, sensitive activation. They also make the device operate quietly.

The starter kit is an excellent choice for beginners mainly because it’s super user-friendly. It has a mouthpiece shaped to fit your lips to prevent any unnecessary air leakage. It also has multiple internal structural layers. They are meant to prevent condensation, which often affects vapor quality.

Infinity 2 Device: Advanced Features for Long-Term Users

Looking for a new vape pen to stick to for the next few months or so? Then, you should go for the Infinity 2 Device from RELX. This vape pen is quite versatile. It allows long-term users to switch power modes to alter the flavor, vapor, and puff count on the fly. 

When on Smooth Mode, this vape pen processes the e-liquid normally producing a super smooth puff. Activate Boost Mode if you want rich flavors and bigger clouds.

For a longer battery life, switch to Eco Mode. While it provides lighter puffs than the other modes, it can still provide you vapors with full flavors.

RELX MagicGo GA600: Convenience and Flavour on the Go

Vapers who are frequently on the go require a sleek and portable vaping device for easy carrying. If you belong to this group, consider choosing the RELX MagicGo GA600.

This device features a sleek body available in pastel or solid colors. It is equipped with MESH Coil 2.0. This technology helps process e-liquid to produce a richer vapor without wastage. 

MagicGo GA600 also includes a 400mAh pure cobalt battery. This guarantees hundreds of puffs before you need to plug it in for a recharge.

Tips for Maximizing Flavour with RELX Vape Pens

To ensure you get the best flavor from your RELX vape pens, follow these essential tips:

First, store your pods properly. Keep them in a dry area to prevent water and other substances from compromising the smoothness and taste of the e-liquids. 

Avoid exposing your pods to direct sunlight and high temperatures. Heat can cause dehydration, spoilage, and leakage. Store your pens in a cupboard or any place with a constant room temperature.

Also, limit the exposure of your juices to air. Air can alter the taste and texture of your e-liquid, so keep them sealed until you're ready to use them.


The success of your vaping session often hinges on one thing: the flavor. If it's off, the whole experience falls flat. If your device fails to deliver the richness and quality of flavor, you deserve a better option.

RELX is all about raising the bar. Our vape products boast premium components and forward-thinking tech that are simply unparalleled. Get ready for a taste sensation with every draw from our pens, where deep flavors abound. 

We've enhanced aroma with minimal battery and juice consumption. With our devices, the fear of tech-related headaches is a thing of the past. Instead, you get a seamless experience that always leaves you smiling.

Visit RELX UK today to get your hands on the best vape pens.

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