MagicGo Plus GA600— Everything You Should Know

MagicGo Plus GA600— Everything You Should Know

August 24, 2023

Discover the thrilling developments and advantages that have led to RELX’s MagicGo Plus GA600. Perfect for experienced and inexperienced vapours, check out this guide on everything you need to know about this state-of-the-art device. With new advantages such as leak-proof technology and enhanced taste, this vape is unique and will benefit any vaper’s experience.

What Is the MagicGo Plus GA600?

The MagicGo Plus GA600 is an exciting new development in vaping technology. With a contemporary new shape design and thrilling new features, vaping enthusiasts will rush to get their hands on the MagicGo Plus GA600. This upgrade doesn’t just offer a change to the design of everyday vaping but upgrades your vaping experience.

What Makes the MagicGo Plus GA600 Special?

Leak Protected 

Unlike other vapes, the Vcot™ Tech means you won’t have to worry about leaks. Keeping your e-liquid locked in, the double chamber anti-leakage structure provides extra layers of leak resistance, giving you peace of mind. Plus, it means that your precious e-liquid is never wasted.

Enhanced Taste

Every vaper, experienced or otherwise, knows that taste is everything. Thanks to the unique V-shaped structure airway and its added premium grade Micronaire A - B1 cotton, the MagicGo Plus GA600 offers extra richness and juiciness with every inhale

Resilient Batteries 

No matter the device, it's frustrating if the battery only lasts a few hours, especially if you’re typically on the go. However, with the MagicGo Plus GA600, you won’t have to worry about battery power. The 500mAh pure cobalt battery increases battery stability by 60%. 

Controlled E-Liquid 

Almost every vaper has had the unfortunate circumstance of getting to the end of their e-liquid barrel long before they expected it. That’s no longer a concern with the MagicGo Plus GA600! With a transparent e-liquid cabin, you can check your e-liquid levels and buy ahead, so you’re never out of e-liquid.

Who’s the MagicGo Plus GA600 For?

Vapers Looking For The Latest Tech 

Do you want the latest vaping technology? Look no further than the RELX MagicPro Plus GA600; with an upgraded battery, an e-liquid tank, and a V-shape airway structure, this vape will see you equipt with state-of-the-art vaping technology. 

Vapers Always On-The-Go

Only some people have the time to recharge their vape or buy disposable vapes constantly. For those always on the move, a vape with upgrade battery capacity is an absolute must. With this top-quality vape, your vape battery can now last for days. 

Vapers Who Want Excellent Flavour

The advancement in Vcot™ Tech creates a new airway structure. Alongside the premium grade Micronaire A - B1 cotton, vapers who want enhanced taste with every puff have it at their fingertips. This vape also offers exciting flavours like Strawberry Burst, Mango Peach, and Kiwi Passion Guava. 

Shop RELX!

Fancy yourself a new vape or want to keep up with the latest vaping technology? Discover RELX’s range of vapes today and RELX’s MagicGo Plus GA600 for a state-of-the-art experience.

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